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Project Update: Surveys & More!

Siyo, Indigipunks!
I wanted to update you all on where we're at. Things are moving along at a good pace and I need your help and attention!

  • Naasii and the Story Guide Screens are at our warehouse along with all other physical products and are ready to go!
  • The Stories of the Free Lands are being edited and laid out and I've just gotten the last of our full color art pieces for our stretch goals!
  • "Smoke Test" surveys have just gone out. If you're not familiar, a smoke test is where BackerKit sends out a small batch of surveys (about 5% from each pledge level) so that we can test if everything is working correctly. So a few of you will have your surveys. Your responses to these surveys will help us make sure that everything is ready and formatted correctly. If you receive one and have a problem, please let me know by commenting here, asap.
  • As soon as we've given folks a few days to respond to the smoke tests, we'll make any adjustments and send out the surveys to everyone else.

Here's what to expect in the surveys!
  • If you signed up for pre-launch OR backed in the first 48 hours, you'll get the Chahi font once your survey is complete
  • The survey will ask you a few questions about C&C (you won't be graded)
  • You'll be able to tack on extra items from the campaign in addition to what you pledged
  • You'll be asked for your shipping information if you have physical rewards
  • You'll be charged for any items you added on and a complete shipping charge

  • Once we've collected our first chunk of surveys, we'll start processing and fulfillment for physical rewards
  • We expect this to happen pretty quickly and the first domestic shipments should happen pretty fast.
  • We'll continue to process batches of surveys weekly as they are completed.
  • Once the Stories of the Free Lands are finished, they'll be added to your pledges here on BackerKit and you'll be able to directly download them from your survey page (so keep that page bookmarked or saved)
  • The additional story from Allen Turner will be coming soon, but will NOT be fulfilled through BackerKit. We'll have details on that soon.

Finally, I'll leave you with a few snippets of art from the color pieces we've been working on. Just a few bits and slices. Some of these are finished, others are drafts. Can't wait to unveil them all to you!
A few art teases from the color cover art stretch goal!

That's all for now!
Take care,




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