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ENLIGHTEN TAROT: An 84-Card Learning and Reading Deck

ENLIGHTEN TAROT: An 84-Card Learning and Reading Deck

Enlighten Tarot is a fusion of functionality and education designed to guide both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts on a journey of self-discovery and divination mastery with beautiful square, two-sided tarot flashcards.
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About the Deck

Introducing Enlighten Tarot, a fusion of tarot and flashcards designed to guide both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts on a journey of self-discovery and divination mastery. These unique 4x4 inch square tarot cards combine the timeless artistry and symbolism found on the RIder-Waite-Smith tarot cards with an innovative approach to learning and interpretation.

The front of the cards features the beautiful and recognizable art, recolored and updated, of Pamela Colman Smith whose art and card symbolism are the inspiration for many modern tarot decks. The back of each card features keywords and quick readings for both upright and reversed positions, highlights the main symbols and their meanings, and shows the numerology, planet/alchemical, zodiac, and element symbols and names. These aren't just flashcards, you can do readings with them too! You will be among the first to own this new deck and we appreciate all of your support.

These two-sided cards feature the image & key symbols on the front and a flash card on the back!

Deck Details:
  • 4x4 inch Square Cards in 350gsm Cardstock
  • High-Quality Offset Printing 
  • Matte Card Finish
  • Two-Piece Rigid Box
  • 84 Cards- Uncludes the 78 Major & Minor Arcanas Plus 6 Extra Flash Cards of Zodiac Signs, Planets/Alchemical Symbols, Hebrew Letters, Elements and Learning Guide
  • No guidebook is needed, everything is on the cards!
The original art of Pamela Colman Smith has been recolored in a more vibrant palette and includes more skin tones. All of the important symbolism is still included in the updated art to fit inside of the circles.

If the goal is met we will use the money to print a small run of this deck. If we exceed the initial goal we'll be able to print additional decks and add stretch goals!


How to Use the Deck

Learn at your own pace! You can begin by simply memorizing one keyword that represents each card and build from there. In no time you'll know what the symbols on the front of the card are and won't have to look at the back of the card. Suggested training methods will be included in the deck.

This deck can be used to do readings too! It's handy to have all of the info on the back of the card if you need to peek or need help. 

Whether you are a novice seeking to learn how to use tarot cards and understand their meaning or an adept tarot reader honing your skills, the Enlighten Tarot is your indispensable companion on the path to gaining more knowledge about the tarot and yourself.


We are located in the US and will ship nearly everywhere, worldwide. Below you can find the list of places we CANNOT ship to. Shipping will be charged after the campaign is over, we'll reach out to you with a survey to collect your address and shipping fee. The shipping rate examples are below.

Flat Rate Shipping-

United States-
(One deck or one deck and bag set)
(Two decks or two decks and one bag)
If you get more than two decks the shipping will be between $15-$18

(One deck or two decks and a bag)
(3 decks or 3 decks and a bag)
If you get more than three decks the shipping will be between $40-$55

Europe- $28 (One deck or one deck and bag set)
Australia- $35
(One deck or one deck and bag set)
Everywhere Else
(Outside of US)- $28 (One deck or one deck and bag set)
You can get up to TWO decks with these rates, if you get more than two decks we'll let you know what the shipping fee will be.

We are not responsible for any VAT fees or taxes/fees/customs that you may incur in your country, you will be responsible for paying those.
USPS isn't accepting inbound mail or packages addressed to the following countries:
Countries not accepting packages from USPS:
Brunei Darussalam
Gaza Strip
Laos (accepting Priority Mail Express International only)
Niue (accepting Priority Mail Express International only)
Russian Federation
Syrian Arab Republic


We expect to have the finished decks in our hands by the end of March, 2024 to ship them out the first week of April, 2024. If there are any delays we will let everyone know.

  • 11/21- Campaign Begins
  • 12/21-Campaign Ends
  • Surveys will be sent and shipping fees collected
  • January- Order sent to printer
  • March- We expect to have the decks by the end of March
  • April- Shooting to ship to backers the first week of April



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