Punk is Dead - a Mörk Borg compatible songwriting TTRPG

Punk is Dead - a Mörk Borg compatible songwriting TTRPG

Punk is Dead is a TTRPG set in the Un-united Kingdom where the world is going to sh*t in a sack cart, and music is all you've got left. Just like those four brave bozos on the Titanic, you're gonna keep playing until your last amp falls into the abyss.
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Punk is Dead is a MÖRK BORG compatible TTRPG set in the Un-united Kingdom, where everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong: nuclear war, pandemics, the collapse of law and order and monsters... a sh*t-ton of monsters.

If you've already played MÖRK BORG, it's gonna be a doddle to get cracking with Punk is Dead. If not, the core rulebook we're touting in this campaign will have you up and running in about 45 mins. YOU DON'T NEED ANY OTHER BOOKS TO PLAY PUNK IS DEAD!

It's also a game about creativity, nostalgia, friendship and bringing hope to a hopeless world through music.

But before we get into that, let's get you caught up...

The war ended when the bombs ran out. From the ashes emerged the Un-united Kingdom, a small island where some weird sh*t crept in through rips in the cosmos created by a thousand nuclear explosions. The Un-united Kingdom comprises five realms, each distinct and with nightmares that constantly plague the few remaining humans that live there.

The book contains background information for all the five realms of the Un-uniited Kingdom.

From figurative and literal corporate vampires to the malevolent faeries, this broken land has become home to a host of nefarious beings who want front-row seats to the death of a world. Many will do all they can to hurry the main event along.

A.K.A. The Punk is Dead Bestiary

Amid this chaos, a small band of musicians are kicking back, travelling the realms in a rusty old tour van, using music and other skills to help the helpless and bring light to the dark.

The final book won't be censored!!

Character creation is quick and easy but highly customisable.


One player is the Band Manager (BM or GM if you like). The Band Manager arranges gigs loosely analogous to sessions and runs the game and any non-player characters (NPCs) the players meet. 


Other players are Band Members. As well as their general skills, each member has a unique talent related to their chosen role in the band. Predefined roles include Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys and Roadie.

During your adventures, players also compose songs (including music if instruments are available). You don't need to be able to play instruments to play Punk is Dead! Writing songs earns you Individual AND Band Creativity Points, which you can use to turn failure into creative success. There's also a bunch of rollable tables for inspiration. We have a gorgeous songwriting journal available in some pledges and as an add-on.

There's also a Spotify Playlist that we will constantly add to for inspiration.

Travelling around the Un-united Kingdom is an integral part of Punk is Dead. It allows you to earn money, spread your message and find people in need of help (you don't just make music, you also kick some actual ass). Gigs are also a great place to meet the locals and glean information from them.

Rules for travel.

There are mechanics for travelling in your rusty ol' gig van, plus upgrades to be bought if you can get your money back from the gig.

Sticky floors and watered-down beer await you; if you're lucky, the place will still have a roof. Inevitably, you'll have a local mystery to solve or some formidable enemy to deal with before you take to the stage.

When you play a gig, a combined skill check mechanic will tell you how it goes. That can mean anything from getting dragged into a fight in the mosh-pit to getting a record contract.

Even though Punk is Dead is a standalone game, it plays nicely with MÖRK BORG.

If you don't want to play in the Un-united Kingdom, or you want to bring creatures and features in from any MÖRK BORG compatible content, we've got you! Want scrolls in your game or the Calendar of Nechrubel, go for it. Why not have a Lich Mayor of Birmingham? Sounds legit.
The book is presented in a 7-inch hardcover format (just like 45RPM vinyl from the days of yore). It's printed by Standart, the same folks who produce Free League's stuff (including Mörk Börg). So expect some high quality. We are making a book that you definitely won't want to be hidden on your shelves.

Aside from that lovely darkness, there will be vibrant pinks and yellows, all using the same colour palette that appeared on the Sex Pistols' debut album, Never Mind The Bollocks. There are over 90 pages of rules and eclectic artwork using photos taken by the author, commissioned art and repurposed stock imagery in the spirit of zines. Inner pages are 90gsm silk to for durability and gorgeous colourful reproduction.

THE ART will be an eclectic mix of work from the creator and other commissioned artists. NO AI will be used in the production of this book.

The lead for original art is Vincenzo Ingenito, a tattoo artist from Italy who has worked with Tim on several other projects.

Cartography will be handled by Jog Brogzin.

Several other artists will be hired post-campaign. All artists will be credited in the front matter of the book.

Tim will produce the final layout, adding his pastiches and nods to punk using his own photography combined with art and imagery from a selection of licensed stock imagery.



The plan is that we will be 100% fulfilled within three months of the campaign's end. That means PDFs will be out in May, and the physical stuff will go out in June. If anything changes, we'll make sure you know via updates ASAP. 

The reward pledges do not include shipping. We will collect shipping when you complete your survey. Here are the rates you will pay:

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