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11 months ago

Project Update: Shipping update

Hello Backers,

Great news! The containers are on their way to the US and our Ireland container is scheduled to depart in a few days. Please see below for more details about the US and Ireland vessels:

  1. US - the container was loaded onto the vessel on the 18th of January. The vessel is making its way up the coast of Japan and is currently scheduled to arrive at the Oakland, CA port on February 9th. If you wish to track the vessel's movements yourself, check out this link to the WANHAI A07 E002  which is our vessel's name. 
  2. Ireland - the container is scheduled to load on to the vessel on January 23rd. This vessel is scheduled to arrive in Dublin on March 3rd. If you wish to track the vessel's movements yourself, check out this link to the MAREN MAERSK 302W, which is the name of the vessel. 

Additionally, keep in mind, it can take 7-10 days from the vessels arrival date for the container to unload and start making its way to our warehouses. We are optimistic the global supply chain backlogs will be less of a problem than in the past. Over the last year, we have faced delays at both ends of docking, especially when the vessel had arrived at the US port over the summer. With that in mind, we will keep you all updated with all changes or updates. Once we know more about next steps (which is shipping from our warehouse to you all), you will know. 

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for more information or if there is anything we can assist you with. 

Kind regards,
Tarah Schlueter
Customer Service Manager 




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