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Can You See Them? A Scenario Book for the Horror RPG.

Can You See Them? A Scenario Book for the Horror RPG.

Can You See Them? is a tabletop roleplaying game scenario designed for the Horror RPG (Year Zero Engine), but can be played using any tabletop roleplaying game ruleset you prefer.
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Can You See Them?


What is Can You See Them?

🩸 In the Shadows of Oklahoma, Terror Awakens...
Prepare to be plunged into the depths of horror with "Can You See Them?" – an RPG scenario that transcends fear itself! Crafted by the masters at DMDave Publishing and powered by the sinister Year Zero Engine, this is not just a game; it's a descent into madness. Perfect for any RPG system, it's a chilling journey you'll never forget.

🩸 Trapped!
Imagine waking up, your heart pounding in a pitch-black storage unit, the air thick with dread. You're not alone; the frightened faces of your neighbors surround you. But how did you get here? Why can't anyone remember? The only way out is through the dark unknown.

🩸 A Town Swallowed by Silence...
Once free, the horror truly begins. Your quaint Oklahoma town is now a ghostly shell, its streets hauntingly silent. Every familiar face, every echo of laughter, vanished without a trace. The desolation is suffocating, the mystery paralyzing.

🩸 Creatures of the Abyss...
As night falls, a bone-chilling realization sets in: you are not alone. Something unspeakable lurks in the darkness, watching, waiting. Creatures, twisted and grotesque, born from your deepest fears, stalk the shadows. Every shadow could hide a nightmare, every silence could be a predator's breath.

🩸 Survive the Horror...
Can You See Them? is an ultimate test of survival against the unknown. It's an odyssey through a town swallowed by darkness, where your every decision could mean life or death. The creatures are getting closer. Can you outsmart the darkness?

🩸 The Ultimate Horror Experience Awaits...
This is more than a game – it's a 1980s horror movie come to life. The terror is real, the suspense unbearable, the adventure unforgettable.

Will you dare to uncover the secrets of the abandoned town? Will you face the unspeakable horrors lurking in the night? The challenge has been set. "Can You See Them?" – the horror is here, and it's waiting for you.

What can I get?

For the first time ever, we're offering the Horror RPG Scenarios Can You See Them? and The Diner in special VHS Collector's Boxed Sets. These one-of-a-kind collector's items include d6 dice sets with cloth bags, a "VHS-Tape" version of the set's respective scenario book, reference cards for the given scenario, and a special enamel pin made exclusively for the boxed set.

Keep in mind that these are LIMITED EDITION sets, which means we're only offering 666 copies of Can You See Them? in VHS and only 222 copies of The Diner in VHS (which has already sold out). We have no idea when we'll be bringing them back, and even if they come back, they won't look anything like this.

So if you HAVE to have these collector's sets (and we recommend that you do), make sure you back the campaign now!

The Arcade Stretch Goals Unlocked!

We just hit 850 backers, which means we've unlocked The Arcade. All Backers at the PDF+ tier get a FREE Copy of the Arcade. Plus, the Arcade is now being offered both in softcover and VHS' Collector's Set as add-ons.

Xanthophobia Stretch Goal Unlocked

Xanthophobia is a the first full-length Franchise Setting (like a campaign setting) for the Horror RPG. Inspired by the horror stories of the late Victorian era (The King in Yellow, Dracula, The Yellow Wallpaper), Xanthophobia takes players to a brand new world of period piece cosmic horror. Experience the roots of cosmic terror and madness driven by the works of Bierce, Chambers, Stoker, Shelley, Byron, and more, who inspired Lovecraft, King, and others.

This uncensored version includes the setting's darkest elements. It isn't for everyone. No one will shame you if you avoid it.

The book comes wrapped in yellow paper, signifying that its contents are wicked and should not be read. There is also a handwritten letter from the author warning you to avoid its contents at all costs.

This book is over 200 pages in length, full-color, printed in Canada.

Content Warning

Content Warning!

Can You See Them? is a particularly gruesome scenario, including the following:

  • Graphic violence
  • Language
  • Drugs and drug use
  • Religious themes
  • Hopelessness
  • Suicidal situations
  • Body horror

The book will offer guidelines for omitting such things when running the scenario for your players, but if these themes personally bother you, we recommend that you avoid Can You See Them?

This scenario does not have a happy ending.

SPOILER ALERT: Preview of the Book

Avoid this section if you don't want to spoil the plot of Can You See Them! Use the sidebar to navigate lower.

Here are some images of the book's (mostly finished) interior design.


SPOILER ALERT: From the Mind of H.P. Lovecraft

Skip this Section If You Want to Avoid Spoilers

The spine-chilling RPG scenario Can You See Them? draws its eerie inspiration from the novella The Mound, co-authored by H.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop. Set against the backdrop of a small town in Oklahoma, the story delves into the hidden depths of ancient mysteries and cosmic horrors. Beneath the town lies a secret realm inhabited by a race of immortals who worship the Great Old Ones, entities of immense and unfathomable power. As the narrative unfolds, it reveals the terrifying truth: these ancient beings, long hidden in their subterranean world, are stirring. Can You See Them? captures the moment when these age-old entities begin their ominous ascent, emerging from the depths to reclaim the surface world. 

This RPG scenario encapsulates the essence of Lovecraftian horror, intertwining the fate of an unsuspecting town with the dark destiny of these formidable and timeless creatures.

Designed for the Year Zero Engine or any RPG rules of your choice

The Can You See Them? scenario is remarkably versatile and player-friendly, designed to be compatible with the Year Zero Engine from Fria Ligan AB. This compatibility ensures a smooth and engaging gameplay experience for those familiar with this popular RPG system, which is known for its intuitive mechanics and narrative-driven approach.

However, the true beauty of this scenario lies in its adaptability. It can be effortlessly tailored to fit a variety of other game systems, making it accessible to a broad range of RPG enthusiasts. Whether you are a fan of the widely popular Fifth Edition, prefer the classic feel of Basic Roleplay, or enjoy other gaming systems, Can You See Them? can be easily modified to suit your preferred style of play. This adaptability not only broadens its appeal but also provides an opportunity for players to experience the scenario in the context of their favorite RPG system.

All rewards come with a FREE PDF version of the Horror RPG Core Rulebook. This book is a treasure trove of information and rules necessary to delve into the game. It serves as an essential guide for players and game masters alike, whether they are navigating the chilling depths of Can You See Them? or exploring other horror-themed adventures.

Download the Free Primer

For those eager to embark on the terrifying journey of Can You See Them?, a free primer is available for download, providing an invaluable resource for both Game Masters (GMs) and players.  Learn more about the Free League Standard Reference Document here.

  • This primer serves as a comprehensive introduction to the world of roleplaying games, especially for those new to the genre. 
  • It elucidates the unique aspects of the Horror RPG and the Year Zero Engine, highlighting how they differ from other gaming systems, thereby offering insights into their distinctive mechanics and storytelling approaches.
  • Essential for setting the stage, the primer includes detailed background information on the small town of Binger, Oklahoma, the eerie setting of the story, enriching the players' immersion in the narrative. 
  • Additionally, it offers a selection of premade characters, allowing players to dive right into the action without the need for extensive character creation. This primer is not just a guide but a gateway to understanding and enjoying the haunting and suspenseful world of Can You See Them?


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The Team Behind Can You See Them?

This Backerkit Campaign was brought to you by the following creators.

Writer and Designer

DMDave is a renowned publisher in the tabletop roleplaying game industry, established in 2018. It has gained significant popularity and support, particularly evident in its robust Patreon community, boasting over 7,000 monthly subscribers. The company is well-known for its successful crowdfunding campaigns, having launched several notable projects that resonate with RPG enthusiasts. These include "Badge Quest," the comprehensive "Fifth Edition Gamemaster's Survival Guide," "Pexia's Guide to Omeria," "Legends of Omeria," and the intriguing "Broadsword" series.

Tom Cartos

Tom Cartos is a digital artist with a background in architecture and design. He brings these skills into creating tabletop battle maps and assets for games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and more.

Rick Hershey

Rick Hershey is a professional artist with over 20 years of experience as an illustrator. With a wide range of skills and services to offer, including book layout, cover art, illustration, graphic design, and logo design, Rick has the expertise and experience to bring Can You See Them? and other Horror RPG scenarios to life.

Matias Lazaro

Matias Lazaro is a professional illustrator and comic book artist. He's worked with DMDave Publishing for four years, producing works for Pexia's Guide to Omeria, Hand of the Eight, Dungeons & Lairs, and more.

Nacho Lazaro

Nacho Lazaro is a professional illustrator and comic book artist. Like his brother Matias, Nacho has worked with DMDave Publishing for nearly four years, producing works for the Horror RPG, Pexia's Guide to Omeria, Hand of the Eight, Dungeons & Lairs, and more.

John Webb

John Webb and DMDave met in English class at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College 12 years ago. The two have collaborated on dozens of adventures and books.



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