Nora Haynes
3 months ago

Project Update: The Final Capstone for Perfect Draw! Revealed

Hey y'all!

I'm back and... so soon! It feels like the first couple days of the campaign again, where we underestimated just how many people were going to be interested and had posts coming out every couple hours.

We've unlocked two of the three final capstone goals and we only have one left now! I'm really excited to be able to reveal this one, mainly because I feel like I've been having to skirt around talking about it whenever playbooks come up.

Without further ado - 

Revealed: A New Playbook - "The Crew"!

Originally, me and Iris had planned for there only to be four unlockable playbooks as part of this campaign. We knew the core book's playbooks could already cover most of the character concepts you might want to play during your campaign - but we knew there were also some designs that would be easier for players to achieve with dedicated playbooks and mechanics for them. That was the intention behind The Mentor, The Lovestruck, The Other Me, and The Facade. "The Crew" is somewhat different.

While making Perfect Draw! we knew that a certain design would be possible, but also knew that it would take a significant amount of time and effort to make work in a fun and functional way. So... we put it away with the intention that maybe we could come back to it later. That design was The Crew, and with so much more support then we expected from this campaign, we now have the time and resources we need to make this design a success!

We'll talk more about how this playbook will work exactly once it's unlocked - because letting players run 2-6 characters at once does require some dedicated game design. With that said, I'm extremely excited to get into the details as soon as we can!

Unlocked: Perfect Draw! Crosses Over with Millennium Blades!

Absolutely incredible! We hit this goal in only a few hours after revealing it! And now me and Iris will have the opportunity to make an encounter based on one of the colourful cast of playable characters featured in Millennium Blades! For the time being, we don't have many details to share - this collaboration was organized rather recently and we haven't yet settled on which character will feature in Perfect Draw!, but we'll share more information with you as soon as we have it!

In the mean time, you should start getting hyped for the upcoming Millennium Blades -Again- Kickstarter! If you're a fan of card game anime - and given you're backing Perfect Draw! you probably are - Millennium Blades is something you should 100% experience. Since it's a complete reprint campaign, this is a great place to start even if you've never heard of it before! You can follow the Kickstarter here!

Thank you all so much for getting us this far,
Nora Jean Haynes




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