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Perfect Draw! A Card Game Anime Roleplaying Game

Perfect Draw! A Card Game Anime Roleplaying Game

Perfect Draw! is a TTRPG based on Card Game Anime like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duelmasters, and Cardfight! Vanguard. Create any card you can imagine in our open-ended card creation system and use them in action-packed narrative-focused combat!
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Banner - What is Perfect Draw!?

Perfect Draw! is a tabletop role-playing game based on the Powered By The Apocalypse  framework that combines Trading Card Games with collaborative storytelling - allowing you to tell stories similar to card game anime like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, and CardFight! Vanguard.

In Perfect Draw! you can make any deck you imagine using our open-ended card creation system - then, clash ideals with villains and allies alike in tense card game combat. Your deck is an extension of your beliefs and the blade that allows you to change the world. Use your passion, skill, and friendship to get the upper hand on foes and save the people you care about most!

You can try Perfect Draw! out now with our Quick-Play Demo Kit, where you and up to three of your friends can take on the Rising Stars Tournament! Prove that you're the very best while facing down challengers and supernatural threats alike.

Banner - Download the Demo Here! (click to download demo)

Banner - What's in the Book?

Perfect Draw! is a 215+ page black & white book covering everything you need to start telling card game anime stories with your friends. In this book you'll find:
  • Narrative-focused rules designed to create action-packed, character-driven, anime-style stories.
  • A guide to our versatile card game combat system that lets players take on risk to pull through on even the toughest fights.
  • Three types of custom card creation that make it easy to balance your wildest designs while creating cards quickly in the heat of battle.
  • Ten playbooks featuring character archetypes from across card game anime.
  • An introduction to Shuffle City, our basic setting including campaign inspiration and over 30 premade card game encounters.
  • And the detailed Judge's Handbook, featuring tips and advanced rules for anyone running the game.
All of the writing and layout work for the book is complete; the goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to pay for printing costs and fund the ability to make more content for the game. Depending on how much you're willing to invest into our project, there are four different ways you can get your hands on Perfect Draw!:

Premium Hardcover - 6 inches by 9 inches monochrome premium hardcover with a matte finish. To ship May 2024 or earlier. Pictured is a hardcover copy of the game closed and opened to the "Playing the Game" chapter

Standard Softcover - 6 inches by 9 inches monochrome budget softcover with a matte finish. To ship May 2024 or earlier. Pictured is an opened and closed softcover version of the book showing the front cover and The Destined playbook

Digital PDF - The final layout complete version of the game to be released as soon as it's ready. Pictured is a PDF copy of the game alongside two example pages "Roleplaying a Card Game Anime" and "Custom Card Creation"

Prototype PDF - The complete in-progress version of the game avaliable as soon as the campaign is over. Fully playable with complete art and layout. Pictured is a PDF copy of the game alongside two example pages "Peter Crowley" and "Volatile Card Creation"
 Banner - The Playbooks

In Perfect Draw! players choose one of ten playbooks when creating their character. Each of these playbooks represent an archetype from card game anime - from plucky upstarts to destined heroes with dark pasts. These help guide the narrative to create exciting card game anime stories!

 Playbooks: The Resolved - Someone with the gumption to get anything done; nothing will stand in their way on their journey to become stronger. The Prodigy - Someone unusually talented at the game, yet also stubborn, mean, or similarly abrasive

 Playbooks: The Glowing - Someone who inspires their friends and relies on them; a beacon of hope to all around them. The Prodigy - Someone adept at tactics and prepared in advance, sharp witted enough to predict their foes every move

 Playbooks: The Ally - Someone who supports others; the ever-present best friend to push those they care about onward. The Spirit - Someone supernatural in nature; they have a close relation to the card game, world, or goals the protagonists stand for.

 Playbooks: The Medium - Someone with supernatural and dangerous powers beyond the scope of normal people. The Destined - Someone tied to an important destiny, reflected by an object they hold with them.

 Playbooks: The Idealist -  Someone with ideals they follow closely and refuse to compromise. The Turncoat - Someone once known as a villain themselves, now reformed and dedicated to doing good how they can.
 Banner - Pledge Tiers

 Casual Deck Tier. Comes with Digital PDF of Perfect Draw!, Prototype PDF of Perfect Draw!, Your Name in the Book. All for only $15 USD

 Rogue Deck Tier. Comes with a Standard Softcover copy of Perfect Draw!, Digital PDF of Perfect Draw!, Prototype PDF of Perfect Draw!, Your Name in the Book. All for only $25 USD

 Meta Deck Tier. Comes with a Premium Hardcover copy of Perfect Draw!, Digital PDF of Perfect Draw!, Prototype PDF of Perfect Draw!, Your Name in the Book. All for only $40 USD

 LGS Retail Tier. Only for confirmed retailers. 3x Premium Hardcovers of Perfect Draw!. 3x Standard Softcovers of Perfect Draw. All for only $120 USD.

 Champion Tier. Comes with a Premium Hardcover copy of Perfect Draw!, Digital PDF of Perfect Draw!, Prototype PDF of Perfect Draw!, Your Name in the Book. Additionally you get to work with us to get your character permanently added to the book as an NPC encounter. All for only $200 USD

 Banner - Stretch Goals

 Banner - Testimonials

You don't have to trust us alone that Perfect Draw! is doing something exciting! A number of playtesters and demo kit players have offered their reviews and testimonials of the game. Here are just a couple that we think do a good job explaining why you might be interested in Perfect Draw!

Me and my friends just played our first session of the demo game and we had an absolute blast!! It really surprised us just how well this game manages to emulate the vibe and hype of an actual pre-written Yu-Gi-Oh battle!!!
- Earthcivet, Demo Kit Player

Having playtested Perfect Draw!! I can say the game is not only incredibly fun but highly creative and inspiring. Being able to create our own story and decks lets me feel like I'm actually in an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! with my own unique cards! The creativity in this project is staggering and I can hardly wait to play more every chance I get.
- NelCelestine, Playtester

As a GM, I really like making NPCs using Perfect Draw! The flexible card creation rules give me enough structure when making cool cards, to ensure they are not too strong, but also enough freedom to make some very fun decks.
- Blaze409, Playtester

Being a longtime TCG fan, Perfect Draw genuinely captured the feeling of a card game anime battle like nothing else I've ever played! Between the wild ups-and-downs, the clutch moments, the grand flourishes and epic defeats, I don't think I've ever played a system that manages to crystallize a vibe so well. It's the sort of thing that could only be made by people with serious passion for its inspirations, and I haven't had more fun in an RPG system in ages.
- Strychnine, Demo Kit Player

Not only is Perfect Draw a game I’ve had a ton of fun with, it also fulfills my need for a game I can tinker with between sessions without being an overcomplicated mess. And everyone I’ve shown it to has felt the same.
- Abbypringles, Playtester
 Banner - Streams & Gameplay

If you want to get a better look at the game or what playing Perfect Draw! looks like, we, alongside some of our fans and playtesters, have done a number of streams both discussing and playing the game! Take a look here:
 Banner - Shipping Costs

While shipping has been a large-scale issue for many crowdfunding campaigns, we've chosen to partner with Lulu for this project. Because Lulu has printing houses across France, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, shipping in or nearby these regions is actually very affordable! The book is produced locally and delivered to you through local postal services rather then needing to travel over expensive container ships!

Additionally, because the shipping costs are so low and the difference between the weight of the softcover and hardcover are relatively small, we believe we should able to ship either edition of the book at the same low price!

These costs have the chance to change subtly before books start being printed, but for the time being, here are our estimates:
  • USA, UK, & France: ~$5-9
  • Europe & Canada: ~$7-10
  • Australia: ~$8-10
  • The Rest of The World: ~$12-25
The costs above are representative of the cost in USD. These costs may be more then expected if you live in a particularly remote region or if you order additional copies of the book. Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager.
 Banner - Risks & Challenges

While this may be the first project coming out of Double Summon Games, our team has experience in working on Crowdfunding Campaigns for organisations in the past. We're very aware of the risks that come with the first project from a small team and have taken steps to help alleviate that! The book is already complete from a writing, art, layout, and playtesting perspective. All that's left to do is editing, revising, and working on any content unlocked by stretch goals. The intention of this crowdfunding project is to retroactively fund the expenses involved in making this game, to fund additional content for the game, and to cover the costs needed for printing enough books for anyone who's interested in the game!

We partnered with Lulu for both printing and distribution to ensure that getting your book will be a smooth and easy process. As soon as we finalize the book and get you the final PDF, you should only be a couple days away from the notification that the print copy you ordered is on its way!

If you have any other questions regarding potential risks and challenges you're worried we may face, please feel free to reach out! We'd be happy to clarify any questions or help you through anything you're confused about!
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project