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Project Update: Calling All Radiants! It’s the Last Day to Back!

The End of the Highstorm Approaches

Today is the day! Or at least it will be unless the backer train puts us into overtime…

Tune into Brandon’s livestream tonight as we celebrate the last official day of the campaign!

Thank You!

To express our gratitude for your dedication to the campaign, we now have Dragonsteel Prime available for everyone! Click the links below to download your free copies of the ebook and the audiobook.

What to Expect Next

When overtime ends and the campaign comes to a close, BackerKit will begin to charge cards. Once we start processing those payments, we’ll be able to open our pre-order store for late pledges.

This next part is critical: Watch for your backer survey for your next steps!

Do not purchase from the pre-order store—doing so may result in buying the same thing twice and cause duplicate charges, rewards, and/or unnecessary shipping costs. Wait for your survey email to be sent once payments are complete.

What you will find in your backer survey:
  • Survey questions - This is where you will select your Knight Radiant Order for the Radiant pack included with applicable pledge tiers.
  • Add-ons - This is when you'll be able to add available add-ons to your pledge if you have not already done so.
  • Shipping details - You will provide your shipping address and pay for shipping charges at this time.

Your rewards cannot be fulfilled if your backer survey is not complete, so please fill it out as soon as you can! Note: If you selected the pay-over-time option, you will not be able to access your survey until you have paid in full.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team here. We sincerely appreciate your amazing support over the last few weeks, and can’t wait to send you these beautiful books.
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