Absolute Power Superhero RPG: Seasons One and Two + Anthology

Absolute Power Superhero RPG: Seasons One and Two + Anthology

Two hardcover expansion annuals, a hero & villain card accessory deck, and a fiction anthology that explores the setting and characters of the Absolute Power superhero tabletop RPG
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The Silver Age has come and gone. Superpowers now bring fear as often as comfort and shades of grey cast the world in shadow, muting the shining colours of yesteryear. Villains have become stronger, and their influence is felt in every nation. The need for heroes is greater than ever. Can you balance superhuman gifts with humility, compassion, and hope? Do you have what it takes to resist the ever-present lure of Absolute Power?

Gorgeous wrap-around cover from the mirror-universe Season Two: Dark Empire expansion

The rich setting and characters of the Absolute Power superhero role-playing game (aka the second edition of the Silver Age Sentinels RPG) are expanded in two hardcover annuals that detail recent events, both big and small, that impacted Empire City and Sentinel-Earth. Additionally, an oversized card deck accessory profiles 136 statted NPCs across the power-level spectrum from the core book and two Season expansions. Finally, talented writers explore the game setting in 14 tales collected in The Path of Absolute Power short story anthology.

Whether you're a long-time Silver Age Sentinels fan, you've followed along since the game's 2022 rebirth, or you're a superhero gamer curious to give a new world setting a try, it's the perfect time to come along with us as we delve into Absolute Power!



Season One: Urban Warfare picks up where the core rulebook left off, detailing the events that unfolded in the Sentinel-Earth setting throughout 2021.

An unlikely band of new mutants emerge, an old master of mysticism returns, organised crime in Empire City recruit and lay siege to a superhero campus, and the White Rooks launch a surprise invasion to establish a new island fortress. Season One also details the Five Shields Corporate Park and two superhuman youth training centres – Japan’s Yamatai Academy and America’s Harrison Academy – plus dozens of minion templates, magical artefacts, and vehicle designs. Finally, full stats and character profiles are explored for 50 costumed adventurers from across the world and beyond.

This gorgeous expansion is 192 full-colour pages with beautiful illustrations from the same artist team that brought characters from the two core rule books to life. Season One: Urban Warfare features a sturdy hardcover with a durable Smyth-sewn binding that allows your book to easily lay flat and stay open to any page.


Season Two: Dark Empire picks up where Season One left off, detailing the events that unfolded in the Sentinel-Earth setting throughout 2022.

An new sovereign spirit emerges during a war in Europe, two metahuman teams clash in California, giant monsters rage in Japan and the Mediterranean, and a familiar authoritarian mirror universe invades Empire City. Season Two also details several group headquarters – The Order, Ascension Institute, Starbright Patrol, and The Untouchables – plus dozens of minion templates, magical artefacts, and vehicle designs. Finally, full stats and character profiles are explored for 50 costumed adventurers from across the world and beyond.

This second annual is expanded to 208 gorgeously illustrated, full-colour pages. Like Season One, Season Two: Dark Empire features a sturdy hardcover with a durable Smyth-sewn binding that allows your book to easily lay flat and stay open to any page.


This accessory for the Absolute Power superhero RPG features a convenient deck of 136 hero, villain, and neutral costumed adventurers. Characters are illustrated on the front of each 4” x 6” card with key game stat highlights listed on the back for quick reference, making them the prefect visual companion during gameplay. Full character profiles are presented in the Absolute Power Book One: Essentials core book and expansions Season One: Urban Warfare and Season Two: Dark Empire.


Welcome back to Empire City, the metahuman capital of the world. A cultural, financial, and political center with few rivals in Earth’s history, Empire City defines the heart of the superhero community. As the proud home of The Guard—the most successful, beloved, and influential superhero team on the planet—Empire City casts a long shadow across its universe and countless others.

The Path of Absolute Power trade paperback presents 14 tales of modern superpowered action and mystery, with dramatic adventure stories from a wide range of incredibly talented writers such as Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Harper, Lucien Soulban, Ethan Freckleton, Alan Simmons, Robin Flanagan, Devinder Thiara, Gregg Chamberlain, and others.


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