Jair's Home (DCC RPG or MCC RPG Setting)

Jair's Home (DCC RPG or MCC RPG Setting)

Jair's Home is a village built amongst the remains of a massive robot. Inhabited by mutant possums with psychic powers and led by the charismatic Jair. Compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics.
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About Jair's Home

Jair's Home is a strange place in the Terra A.D. wilderness where mutant possums have psychic powers and hold court with Jair, pronounced like "chair" but with a "J." The keen mutants have built a wall by scavenging parts from a massive robot. They fiercely protect the little world they've built and have made Jair's Home a favorite place for your band to start exploring the frontiers of Terra A.D. 

Interior Sample

This supplement serves as a resource for players and Judges involved in weird sci-fi, far-future, or post-apocalyptic games, offering inspiration and tools for creating adventures within the setting of Jair’s Home. It provides players with options for character development and serves as a rich home-base, while offering Judges a detailed village setting with NPCs and adventure hooks, allowing them to spend more time playing games rather than preparing for them, and leaving room for customization within the broader world of Terra A.D.


  •  Written for Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC), but still highly useful for Gamma World, Old School Essentials: Post-Apocalyptic, or any other world you brew that crawls with mutants and ancient technologies.
  • Learn the history, demographics, government, defenses, industry, factions, and resources in Jair’s Home.
  • Explore twelve characterful locations within Jair’s Home, including Judge’s Notes and written descriptions to be read aloud to players.
  • There are three regions around the village for players to explore in the land beyond Jair’s Home.
  • Seven new monsters for your bestiary
  • Includes the NPCs associated with the village and roles and an NPC generator to help guide DMs to populate the world with memorable characters, all built to give the party plenty to do in Jair’s Home.
  • Four hooks tables and three events tables give players replayability and room for the story to grow.
  • Additional character creation rules for creating your adventurers, with the 11 different Manimal Genotypes, including Jair’s Home iconic (Didelinoids.)
  • Introduces the Stable Genome rule, which allows players to choose specific options for their characters instead of relying purely on chance, but at a cost.
  • An additional archaic alignment “The Devotees of Mother Nikki.”

About the Miniatures

Painted by Mike Hughes (@lordofminis)

Physical Miniatures 
Vetted professional printers will produce our physical miniatures. Their miniatures are printed with exceptionally high detail in a tough, abs-like resin.
  • Highly detailed plastic-like resin 
  • Quality packaging 

Digital Miniatures (STLs)
Our STLs have been test-printed and pre-supported. 
  • Pre-supported (and not)
  • Test Printed Quality Assurance 


About MCC (Mutant Crawl Classics) and WHY

Electi Studio are a California-based publisher of games and books, founded by Gregory Horton the editor of BLASTER. Our experience is mostly in miniature games, but when Jacob came to us with a Gamma World supplement for a small frontier town filled with hill-billy mutant possums we immediately caved and worked into our schedule. The only problem is we wanted to make sure there was a well-supported backbone.

Mutant Crawl Classics caught our eye with the beautiful 4th printing b It's a hardcover filled to the gills with crazy mutants and awesome technology. It is absolutely the spiritual successor to Gamma World, and we knew we had a fit. So we applied for the "Compatible with" program.

Now you can even add the Core Rules to your pledge! 


About Us

Gregory Horton runs the show at ELECTI.  He worked in design and marketing before realizing he had started a game development company. Whoops! Now he spends his time catching up to that dream by building a tabletop game developer, a place where games go to grow. If he's not working on a new game, he's rough-housing with his four kids.

Jordan Cuffie is the owner and solo sculptor at SkullForge Studios. He worked in the video game industry for ten years as a senior artist, and currently spends his days raising two wonderful children, designing small skirmish games, trying new hot sauces, oh and sculpting mini's 24/7.  Check Out SkullForge on Patreon

Jake Franklin has been playing tabletop RPGs for over 15 years, usually as the GM (ain’t that always the way?). Running games for his friends revealed a passion for world building and story telling that eventually lead him to start publishing his work for a wider audience to enjoy. By day, Jake is a software engineer and lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and three kids.


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