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Project Update: New Designs - What do you want to see next? - CORRECT POLL ADDED

Hey everyone,

Sorry I originally sent this update with the wrong poll attached, so you may receive two notifications. 

We are closing in on the last 48 hours of the campaign. As promised, new designs are coming, but may be revealed within the last 48 hours, and even after. All new designs to be revealed will be unlocked. As mentioned before, I was out of town over the weekend for a family funeral and was unable to work on finishing these designs. It was my grandmother's funeral who lived to 95 before passing away, and thank you to everyone who sent their condolences. This project has really been a bright light in an otherwise crappy month. 

Next Design Poll

I have a few designs in the works that need to be finalized, and a few ideas on my list. I want to know what designs you want to see next, so either vote in the poll, or leave a comment!

1000 Backers = 1000 Free Pins!

This campaign has really exceeded my expectations, and I'm so happy to have met so many backers who love this book/reading community! I want to end the campaign strong, so I'm going to throw out a kind of "out there" achievement. If we hit 1000 backers, each pledge will receive one free extra pin, of your choosing, from all unlocked designs. When we give free pins with an order it's usually a smaller, cost effective pin, however, if we reach this goal we will be giving out 1000 pins, and you get to choose which one you want!

Please share this campaign around as much as possible to see if we can hit that goal! Send this campaign to your book club, your lovely librarian, book bestie, your favorite author, or your go to local bookstore.

Cheers, and thank you to each and every one of you!

260 votes • Final results
If we reach 1000 Backers, each pledge will receive one free extra pin, of your choosing, from all unlocked designs. (One free pin per pledge)
Goal: 1,000 backers reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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