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about 1 month ago

Project Update: Last Call for 2 Free Pins

Hey everyone,

We are going into the last 24 hours of the campaign, which mean this is last call for the Refer a Friend program.

Now get TWO free pins if you refer a friend!

Were upping the ante on the refer a friend program in an effort to meet the 1000 backer achievement in the last 24 hours of the campaign!

If you refer a friend (family member, colleague, frenemy, fellow book lover) to the campaign, and they pledge successfully, you will receive two extra free pins with your pledge.

For these two extra free pins you can choose from any of the unlocked designs. You can refer up to two friends and receive up to four free pins. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no way for us to automatically track referrals. If you refer a friend, and they pledge, you will need to email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name and the email you pledged under
  • Your friends first name and the email they pledged under

Once we receive your email we’ll check to ensure your referred friend made a pledge and make a note on our end. When surveys are delivered we’ll reach out to ask you what design you want for your free pins. You can refer a friend up to two times, meaning you can potentially earn up to four free pins. Please keep in mind that your referred friend’s pledge must be charged successfully at the end of the campaign for you to receive your free pin. If you have any questions about this program, please either drop a comment below, or email us at the above email.

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