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about 1 month ago

Project Update: Welcome Competitor


Thank you to all the backers of Deathmatch Island! We’re making the Backer Preview PDF available through to all backers (link below). You can also find a printer-friendly version, playbooks, mystery maps, and other reference handouts there!

The Backer Preview PDF contains the full text and rules of the game. The most significant work remaining on Deathmatch Island is to commission the final pieces of art. With that in mind, you will see blank placeholder spaces and pages in the Backer Preview PDF where that art will get fitted when it comes in.

If we have additional content to share during the campaign, we’ll provide it in the same folder linked below.

Your second instant backer reward is the Deathmatch Island Roll20 Quick Start module.

It contains Island One: The Cradle including cast B, sample competitors, season uniforms, phase two diagram, content risk assessement, handouts, tokens, and more. Paired with the Backer Preview PDF and the free Deathmatch Island character sheets already available on Roll20, it’s everything you need to start playing online with your friends tonight!

Any questions? Let us know. We love questions! Join the BackerKit community discussion area for this project, or email us privately at [email protected].

And thank you as always for your support—it means a lot to us!
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