Peets 'n' Beans

Peets 'n' Beans

Everyone's favorite part of a cat - their soft little peets 'n' beans! Now in 5 fantastical themes (and 1 regular) - everybody's favorite braincell-less orange, space, candy, crystal, spooky and pastel rainbow.
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Pintopia 2024

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins — All 125+ Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO [2] cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨


Introducing Fantasy Fox Creations' flagship enamel pin collection - an adorable set of seven 30mm mini pins featuring one of the most beloved parts of our favorite feline friends - their soft lil peets and squishy lil beans! Inspired by 4 of my own kitties, who frequently do their own biiiiig stretches and spread their cute little beans, I wanted to create a collection of pins with a variety of unique, fun, and collectible designs.

These pins are going to be made to go directly into a gacha pool, so if there is a specific pin you'd like, this kickstarter is the only way to get it!

*At conventions which disallow gacha due to gambling laws, pins will be made available for outright purchase but at a higher price point than the gacha pool. While I would prefer not to do this, some conventions simply do not allow any games of chance to stay within the confines of the law, and I would like my pins to remain available*  
Depending on the success of this campaign, many more designs of these pins may become available as consecutive series in the future!

Each pin will be soft enamel with screen printed details and a smooth clear epoxy top coat for a finish similar to hard enamel! Each pin has a different theme:

Candy peet - Cream colored soft enamel with pastel beans and candy screen printing (3 screen printed colors)

Starry peet - Black glittery soft enamel with starry screen printed beans (4 screen printed colors)

Spooky peet - Purple soft enamel with dark purple batty screen printing and green witches brew (4 screen printed colors)

Orange peet - everyone's favorite empty headed orange peet with pink beans <3 (3 screen printed colors)

Pastel Rainbow peet - glittery white soft enamel with screen printed rainbow beans (6 screen printed colors)

Crystal peet - glittery white soft enamel with angel aura quartz-inspired beans (7 screen printed colors)

Pastel Goth peet guest designed by Midnight Springs - glittery purple soft enamel with a printed black and purple spiral design!

Everyone who backs both my campaign and Midnight Springs' Jellinom mini-pin campaign will receive not just ONE but TWO free mini pins!! These are each cross-collaboration pins designs by myself for Midnight Springs' collection, and vice versa. 

Additionally, each person who backs my campaign at the single pin tier and above within the first 48 hours will receive 1 free vinyl sticker in a matching design to the pin chosen AND a 2.25” button of their choice - if you choose the gacha option for your pin, the sticker will match the pin you receive. These vinyl stickers will be 3" tall and roughly 2" wide, fade resistant and weatherproof and so perfect for your car, water bottle, bike, laptop, notebooks or wherever you love to stick your stickers!
If you don’t choose a pin as a reward, your sticker will be your choice!

Those who back for the full set of pins will receive their choice of 3 stickers!

Those who back 3 pins will receive their choice of one of three stickers (shown below); back 6 and choose 2, back 9 and get all three!

ADDITIONALLY if you back 5 pins, you’ll get 1 of the below freebie pins at random, back 10 and you get 2, and back 15 for all three!


I had so much fun designing these pins, that I decided to let myself go wild with creativity and design several more themed groupings of pins - one of which is themed based on Midnight Springs' Jellinom design!
All ice cream peets unlocked!

Stretch Goal # 1 - Ice Cream Peets

Super sweet, drippy ice cream peets in 3 popular flavors - neopolitan (cream-colored base with 5 screen printed colors), mint chip (minty green base with 3 screen printed colors), and vanilla bean with rainbow sprinkles (cream colored base with 8 screen printed colors) - all metals will be colored as closely to match the mock up’s as possible!

All jello peets unlocked!
Stretch Goal #2 - Jelly Peets

Based on Midnight Springs' Jellinom, these 3 colorful jelly peets are made with transparent soft enamel, color-coded metal, sand blasted beans, and one screen printed color to give them maximum gloss! Pink, Blue and Green designs are available with matching metal colors.

All classic peets unlocked!

Stretch Goal #3 - Classic Peet

What would an enamel pin collection based around kitty paws be without some natural peet designs?! In addition to the creamsicle orange peet in the original, black (black soft enamel with screen printed beans), white (white soft enamel with screen printed beans) and calico (white soft enamel base with 5 screen printed colors) are available in this stretch goal.

Stretch Goal #4 & #5

The next two stretch goals will be a bit of a self-indulgent project - these will be FOIL washi tapes, with designs relating to the campaign's theme of peets 'n' beans! The designs will be revealed as they are unlocked!

Stretch Goal #6 - Monster Peet

This stretch goal will include 3 alternate designs with a different mold! Due to the additional mold, the cost to reach this goal will be higher - this design will have a batty/vampiric peet (white soft enamel with "bloody" claws & beans, red fins and red beans), dragon peet (green soft enamel with screen printed scales, darker green beans, and dark purple fins), and mermaid peet (turquoise soft enamel with dark purple fins, and teal screen printed scales and beans)!


This campaign comes with several add-on items, detailed below:

1.25" round pinback buttons in various pawprint designs - $2 each

2.25" round pinback buttons in various pawprint designs - $5 each

Kitty peeker stickers (all fade and weather resistant due to a UV protectant coating) - $8 each

Suncatcher Paws - $8 each; the beans on each of these paws has a transparent holographic material to shed rainbows whenever direct sunlight passes through!

Lanyards - perfect for displaying your brand new mini pins! - $12 each

Sticker Grab Bags - in 5 and 10 sticker quantities!
Grab bags contain only non-peeker stickers and no pride beakers or crystals (which can be purchased as add ons individually)!

Pride beaker stickers can be purchased individually (apologies for blurry photos, I did *not* have time to retake the lesbian, enby and mlm ones ;~;

Pride beakers are not limited to the flags shown - any flag can be created with relative ease, so feel free to pledge and make a note in your post campaign backerkit survey!

Fandom peekers and transparent stickers are available individually and in 3-pack grab bags

All five of these stickers are transparent and have white details!

Cat Butt Coasters - $10 each

Base Goal Peet Stickers - $5 each ($30 for pack of 7)

Sticker versions of all stretch goals will become available as their respective pins become available!

This campaign will run from March 28th to April 18th. Once funds are received roughly 2 weeks post campaign, post-campaign surveys will be sent out and manufacturing will begin. This should take roughly 3-4 weeks, and pins should arrive to me sometime early-mid May. Once they arrive to me, I am giving myself 2 weeks to inventory and grade all pins, pack orders, and ship them out.

March 28th, 10:00 AM PST - Campaign Starts
April 18th, 10:00 AM PST - Campaign Ends
May 2nd* - Funds Collected, Surveys Sent, Manufacturing begins
May 16th - Surveys Closed, Begin packing add on only orders
Mid-End June* - Pins received, inventory & quality check begins
Through June & July* - Pins & add ons shipped

*These time frames are estimated, and may be earlier or later depending upon Backerkit and manufacturers. I will update all backers any time a major update altering these timelines occurs. 

For anyone who decides to order only addon items through a support tier, those will ship within 4 weeks post campaign (depending on when funds clear and surveys are answered) - as I am able to get these manufactured/made much more easily (and some will be pre-made). 


10% of cost will go toward backerkit and other related expenses. 10% of funding will cover freight to my house. 80% of cost will go toward manufacturing expenses. 


See the chart below for estimated shipping costs - keep in mind that these are only potential estimates, and not a guarantee, and are likely to increase rather than decrease. Shipping costs are charged after surveys are sent out and I have gathered your address, so keep in mind that shipping is an additional charge on top of your pledge. This allows for a much more accurate shipping price and eliminate guesswork!

You will have the opportunity to add on extra items in your post campaign survey. Add on items may come with additional shipping costs depending on the final weight of your order.

*EU/UK shipping is subject to order minimums
I will be shipping all orders through USPS First Class Mail, or, if you have an exceptionally large order, USPS Ground Advantage. Only UK orders greater than 135£ / EU orders greater than 150€ will be processed. Others must be refunded due to VAT law.

The USPS First Class packages have an ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIME of 3-7 business days for USA and a 7-21 business days for Everywhere Else. I am unable to guarantee shipping times, and so these are only estimates and I cannot be held responsible for shipping times that exceed these estimates. Please ensure your shipping address is up-to-date when filling out your backerkit survey - if you need to make any changes, they must be made prior to your package shipping out, or I will be unable to make changes.

Backers who need rewards re-shipped due to incorrect or insufficient address will need to pay for the additional cost of shipping. I will provide ample time prior to shipping orders out for you to make me aware of any shipping changes that may be required.

*In the event your package is lost by the mail carrier despite accurate address, please reach out to me for resolution*
If shipping internationally, I will fill out all customs forms accurately and truthfully. Please do not ask me to modify the value of your item(s) or mark them as a gift, as I will not do this. I am not responsible for extra charges as a result of VAT or other taxes. 

Due to this being my first potential large-scale shipping operation, I expect inventorying and grading pins, as well as parting out orders, to take a bit longer than the average person - given these pins are likely to arrive to me sometime in May, as well, this will require additional time for me to get everything ready to ship (I have 6 shows in the span of 7 weeks). I will budget 2 weeks to complete all steps and have everyone's items shipped out, with plans to do 2x weekly shipping drops until all orders are completed. 

My pins come in 3 grades - A grade, Standard grade, and seconds/B grade

A Grade pins have no visible flaws up close, at least from me looking over them. These would be considered collectible and I recommend they be used for display only, or inside an ita bag with a clear covering.

Standard Grade pins have a few extremely minor flaws that can be seen up close, but flaws cannot be distinguished from 2+ feet away. Those flaws may include low enamel, specks or scratches in enamel, specks or scratches in the metal plating, slightly miscolored enamel, slightly flawed printing, and the like. These pins are ideal for display where they may be open to the elements (on an uncovered ita bag, a lanyard, a lapel or other clothing item, etc.)

Seconds grade pins are ones with noticeable flaws even at a distance. These may include flaws like holes/craters in the enamel (caused by bubbles that were polished down), large or dark specks in the enamel or metal, very significantly low or missing enamel, smeared or very uneven printing, overflowed enamel, really deep scratches in the enamel, visible metal behind glitter. When I sell seconds grade pins at conventions, people usually do not care about the flaws and happily purchase them anyway. These pins are a good option for someone on a budget who still wants to add to their pin collection and may not care about imperfections and larger flaws.

Early Bird pledge levels are only available for the first 48 hours of the campaign. Early bird backers will receive 1 free sticker and 1 free 2.25” button of their choice. The stickers can be chosen from any available as add-ons!

  • My design photos are only mockups - due to the differences in how screens display color, there may be slight differences in what you see on the screen vs. how the pins will look in person. Rest assured I will do my best to ensure the finished result is accurate. 
  • There may also be minor design changes as required by the manufacturer. Any major changes will be explained to backers before they are made.
  • Glitters, translucent enamel, and metal plating colors may vary on the physical product.

  • You may not know, but pin-making is still largely done by people, and not machines. Due to this, human error is a possibility. All backers of this campaign will receive standard grade pins - for more information on pin grading, please see the section on pin grading
  • While I did my best to account for buffers in between steps on the timeline, there is always a chance for production delays, delays in shipping, or unforeseen life events which might push back my own timeline for grading and fulfilling pledges. I will do my best to communicate any setbacks or delays.

  • Refunds and cancellations are not accepted after your payment has been processed. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. 
  • If you do not fill out your survey within 60 days of receiving it, your pledge will be assumed as a donation. 
  • If a chargeback is filed and the name matches the individual filing the chargeback, you will not be accepted as a backer for any future projects, and may be barred from purchasing items in my storefront.

By collecting your pledge at the end of this campaign, it is assumed that you have read and fully understood everything outlined above, including any risks associated with the process, policies, conditions and estimated timelines. 

If you are familiar with Kickstarter, Backerkit functions in a very similar way!

While this campaign is live, you can pledge to any open ledge level - at the time of pledging, your payment method will not be charged. Backerkit is an all or nothing platform, which means that you will only be charged if the base goal is funded. If the base goal is not funded, the pins will not be made, and you will not be charged.

Once the campaign ends you will be charged for the cost of your pledge level only (shipping costs are paid later within your survey). Roughly 2 weeks after the campaign ends, you will receive a BackerKit survey to choose your designs, pay shipping fees, and add your shipping address. In your survey, there will be an add-ons section where you can add extra items, such as stickers, pins, lanyards, stretch goal pins, and more.

Even if you are familiar with pledging to a crowdfunded campaign please read the "Disclaimer" section. 


I am now realizing I did not add a credits section to all of this!!

My cross-collab partner, Midnight Springs, is the entire reason I am even doing all this - my first enamel pins, my first Backerkit/crowdfunding campaign - and was extremely helpful in the entire making of all of these pins!!

Midnight Springs

Fantasy Fox Creations 

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