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Cats Doing Science! - Hard Enamel Pins

Cats Doing Science! - Hard Enamel Pins

A collection of hard enamel pins featuring cats in lab coats doing science!
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Hard Enamel Pins


What inspired this collection?

In 2020 I released a witch cat pin where the cat was mixing a potion.  Then in 2022 one of my subscription club pins was a play off of that design where I substituted the witch attire for a white lab coat, making the Chemistry Cat. Sort of a then and now take on how alchemy gave way to modern chemistry.   

The Chemistry Cat was very popular in the pin club, and the 'left over' pins sold quickly as well.  I started thinking it might be fun to expand my little STEM cat concept into other scientific disciplines.  

I also thought it would be fun for each of the pins to basically be the same cat in a white lab coat on a book, but doing a different type of science!
Now, does an Astronomer need a lab coat?  No.  Should the Chemist we wearing gloves and goggles?  Yes.  So while The kitties might not be wearing appropriate PPE for their disciplines, the white lab coat has come to symbolize scientific endeavors, not just to protect against splashes and abrasions.  Similarly, they are all standing on books not just because they are short, but because new scientific discovery are built on the foundation of education and prior work in their field.  

I also happened to notice that using elements 20 and 117 I could spell CaTs! 😅

Pledge Tiers

One Pin! - $13+Shipping

You will receive one pin of your choice from the campaign.  You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $13 each. 

Three Pin! - $36+Shipping

You will receive three pins of your choice from the campaign. You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $12 each.

Five Pin! - $55+Shipping

You will receive five pins of your choice from the campaign, plus either the Research Assistant OR the Atom Cat for FREE. You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $11 each. 

One of Everything! - $154+Shipping

You will receive one of each pin in this campaign.  That is 16 pins total!  You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $11 each. 

Shipping Information

Shipping Fees

The below shipping fees will be added to your pledge.

  • US - $5
  • Canada - $11
  • Australia - $14
  • UK - $14

Eligible Countries

We are currently only shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, and UK (conditional).

Special note for potential UK Backers:
1.  If the value of your order is LESS than £135, please do not pledge here, I can set it up as a listing on Etsy once I have the pins in hand and Etsy will collect and remit the VAT at time of purchase.

2.  If the value of the order is MORE than £135, you can pledge on BackerKit and then when the pins are shipped and go through UK customs you will get a VAT charge from customs that you will need to pay.  
I can look into applicable shipping laws for other countries by request, but pledges from other countries that were not discussed ahead of time will be refunded.  


Estimated Timeline

If all goes smoothly, I estimate that I will be shipping out these pins in November 2023.

Once the campaign closes I will send out the surveys where you can select your pins as well as add additional pins to your order.  The survey will be open for about two weeks.  

Once I have enough data form the survey to make sure enough pins are produced I can place my order with my production partner.  It can take up to two months for my production partner to create the physical pins once I have placed my order with them.  

Once I receive the pins from my production partner I inspect and package them before shipping them out to you.  

The whole process can take several months to complete but at the end we will have created something that didn't exist before we started!

I will send out weekly updates, even if the update is that there is no news and we are still waiting on the production process.  I would rather send that than have you wondering what is going on.  👍

About Frost Dragon Designs, LLC

My name is Joshua R. Pinkas and I am the creator and owner of Frost Dragon Designs, LLC. After years of working on projects for others through freelance work and private commissions, I decided to start building something for myself and started Frost Dragon Designs, LLC.

I am a seasoned pin creator and have designed, had manufactured, and delivered tens of thousands of beautiful enamel pins.  Many of my previous designs are available for sale through my online shop, frostdragondesigns.com.

All of my designs are my own original creations.  I have begun recording my design process and posting videos on YouTube.  

Every pin you back helps fund the production of new original designs!

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