Lights, Camera, Action! A Vtuber Tarot Deck

Lights, Camera, Action! A Vtuber Tarot Deck

78 insanely talented vtubers representing the faces of our tarot deck!
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Lights, Camera, Action! A Vtuber Tarot Deck

After joining the vtubing community earlier this year, I realized I could combine my love of tarot with my newfound love of streaming. I set out to find a wonderful artist then got together with 78 incredible vtubers to create a one-of-a-kind deck! Whether you're a fan of horror streamers, cozy ones, or professional FPS gamers, there's all sorts of folks featured on the faces of our cards.

I'm so thankful that the community got involved with this little project, and I hope with its success, I can make more in the future. The amount of love and support I've received from my fellow vtubers has been nothing if not inspiring. This deck could not have been possible if not for you.
-Winona aka Gargoghyle

All 78 cards will be personalized by the vtuber's themes and backstories, as well as the cards' classic meanings. Backers can expect bold colors and beautiful details in our deck!

Note: These are mock examples of the deck. Ours will be a standard smooth finish.

For every $2k past our funding goal, we will unlock hidden stretch goals during the campaign. These will be rewards guaranteed to our backers free of charge!

CREATOR: Hi there! I'm Gargoghyle, but you may call me Winona. I'm the creator of this project and a vtuber, myself! I wanted to make something both unique and fun to be a part of, but never in a million years did I expect this project to receive as much attention as it got. I'm happy that I could be able to head a project like this and showcase amazing content creators that deserve recognition. You can find me on Twitter/X HERE and on Twitch HERE.
ARTIST: Our tarot artist is Joro Gumo! When I found Joro, I knew that they would be the perfect artist for this project. Their work is outstanding, their attention to details is appreciated, and they've been a joy to work with so far on the project. You can find Joro on Vgen HERE and on Twitter HERE.

Shipping will be paid by individual backers. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the cost of shipping for everyone, so this is the safest option available to us. Please make sure that we are able to ship from the US to your country if you are outside of the US. You are responsible for knowing if VAT fees apply to your order.

We will collect shipping information once the deck is finished and we are ready to ship all orders.

Major Arcana:
The Fool - Magna Tempest
The Magician - Empress Rogue Red
The High Priestess - Ziria
The Empress - Luna Lore
The Emperor - Allena Mei
The Hierophant - Little Nycto
The Lovers / The Lovers - Lady Amara & Pyro
The Chariot - Priscilla
Strength - Ghostly Serene
The Hermit - Bard Magical
Wheel of Fortune - Chuwunky
Justice - Sel Briel
The Hanged Man - Jellora
Death - Valerie Queen of Lies
Temperance - Domestic Demon Dad
The Devil - Chef Xale
The Tower - Gargoghyle
The Star - Heonie Bunny
The Moon - Bazz Kitten
The Sun - Fairy Type Baby
Judgement - Liari
The World - Bby Ruthless

Suit of Cups:
Ace - Cyber Uno
Two - Pixie
Three - Vixen
Four - Slasher Crown
Five - Zurchonic
Six - Lunalyn
Seven - Astrophel Elaris
Eight - Grim Gltich
Nine - Pirou
Ten - Lobelia Erinea
Page - Sweet Pocky Fluff
Knight - Neko Bean Starry
Queen - Lilliana Quinn
King - Aurora Kosmik

Suit of Wands:
Ace - Ganymede Real
Two - Eleutharia
Three - Eternity Delphi
Four - Omoh Yag
Five - Go Suto
Six - Dante Hayashi
Seven - Feisty
Eight - Parody
Nine - Msellief
Ten - Its Venefi
Page - Blitzy
Knight - Himbo Moth
Queen - Nyara
King - Lunar Novaa

Suit of Pentacles:
Ace - Aqua Soleil San
Two- Lycoris Dreams
Three - Garre Dargon
Four - Mira Moonfall
Five - Vena
Six - Nekomata Rai
Seven - Shdw Alchemist
Eight - Titania
Nine - Starry Skipper
Ten - Grace Skip
Page - Kitsu Arcade
Knight - Magic Mire
Queen - Beahaw
King - Wulfderstark

Suit of Swords:
Ace - Vera Vii
Two - Logic Named Jesse
Three - Luwuna
Four - Siena
Five - Renjiro Okami
Six - A Local Blueberry
Seven - Whompie
Eight - Dr Pepper
Nine - Canin Rose
Ten - Gevaudonis
Page -Sirenatee
Knight - Jay Shiro
Queen - Kynthias Arbatel
King - Spade

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