Avian alien assassins taking on fire focused fanatics. Your next adventure in the world of NOVA is here.
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Attention Corvus agents within the area. Recent intel reports indicate the formation of a massive Hellion warband encroaching on our territory in the Silver Talon region of the Dusk. This is unacceptable.

The Dominion has authorized the assembly of a Flock to address this looming threat. Agents are to convene at the nearest Aerie. You are permitted to move forward on the target as you see fit. 

So long as their is a dead Hellion warlord at the end of this, the Dominion is happy.

Take flight.

NEST is a rules-lite TTRPG set in the NOVAverse, the setting of the NOVA TTRPG. Designed to be played across a campaign of 5 sessions, you and your friends will take on the role of deadly Corvus Dominion agents. A Hellion warlord is threatening the area, and you've been granted the authority to deal with them.

Corvus agents

NEST is specifically designed for a "fewshot" campaign. Each session players will choose which mission they will take on next. Those choices will determine the sorts of rewards they get, best preparing them for their final mission against the warlord. Will you choose to rebuild your Flock and gather allies to you? Or will you slash holes into the defenses of your target so that they will fall with the pull of a trigger in the end? The choices are yours.

NEST is available in both PDF and printed copies. Print copies will be half-letter sized paper in a perfect bound book.

(Art subject to change)

The game is completely self-contained, and everything you need is inside. You'll find:
  • 72 full-color pages, with amazing layout by Mike Rieman and art by Galen Pajeau
  • Full rules on how to play NEST
  • Four Birds to choose from when creating your agents
  • 9 missions to choose from throughout your campaign
  • Campaign structure to play out your story in 5 exciting sessions

If your pledge for the printed copy, you automatically get a PDF copy as well!

The Corvus Dominion is eager to support this mission, but they need a show of force from you all in order to do that.

More agents ready to flock to the Aerie

If we fund the game in the first 24 hours, the Dominion will lend its strength in the following ways:
  • A fifth Bird will be added to the game for the players to choose from
  • The starting Gear in your Aerie will be expanded, giving your agents more to work with when they take to the field


NEST uses the LUMEN 2.0 system. This means there are no dice used at all. Instead, players must manage a number of different resources as they describe how they move through each mission. As resources dwindle, the agents will be pressed into more creative problem solving, or desperate actions!

Want a rundown of how NEST works? This video describes the mission structures, gameplay loop, and core mechanics.

NEST is designed to be played out across 5 sessions, including session 0. During a session, you will choose from a number of possible missions. Each mission has different objectives, and different rewards for completing it. Some missions help you gather your Flock, assembling valuable NPCs at your mobile base who can support you in and out of missions. Other missions bring harm to your target, weakening their defenses, or providing you with valuable intel on the final mission.
The Hellions won't go down without a fiery fight

It's up to you to decide how your table will approach this task, and which missions to choose. It always ends with your final attack on the Hellion warlord. Good luck.

We're running a pretty quick campaign for NEST because we want to get the game in your hands as soon as possible!

In fact, the game is already text complete, and the layout is being finalized as you read this. That means we will be able to get the PDF version of the game to you very soon after the campaign ends! The books will be ordered soon after, and fulfillment for them will take place starting at the end of June.

Estimated shipping costs for the US are $6, and international are $16, not including any add-ons. Shipping will be more expensive the more add-ons you include.

The funding of this campaign is to cover the costs of the amazing art that Galen has made, the print costs of the books, plus paying Spencer and Mike for making the thing.

After the campaign, surveys will go out from Backerkit to collect information so that we can get your game to you, as well as shipping costs if you are getting the printed book.

Spencer Campbell (he/him): Writer & Designer. Spencer is an award winning RPG designer publishing under the name Gila RPGs. Some of his best known games include Slayers, RUNE, NOVA, and the LUMEN system. Find him on Twitter @GilaRPGs, and check out all his work at

Mike Rieman (he/him): Layout. Mike is a graphic & game designer as well as an illustrator creating layout and art for games like HUNT, NULL, and Slayers. You can find the games he fully designs, like Last Flight of the Pandora and Good ol' Days at and get yappin' at him @TheTwoPancakes.

Galen Pejeau (he/him): Art & Design. Galen is an illustrator and occasional designer of games, primarily games of community building, ecological understanding and robots. You can see what he's up to on Twitter, Threads (@assemblyrequisite), BlueSky (, and Tumblr, or buy his games on Itch.
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