License to Grill

License to Grill

Get ready to step into the sizzling world of backyard barbecues, mouthwatering marinades, and epic grilling showdowns with the exhilarating board game that will fire up your competitive spirit: "License to Grill"!
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You are a grill master among your fellow grilling parental units. You know it and you’ll prove it to anyone! Well, now, you just might have to. It’s the first summer block party of the season. Your neighbors have taken you up on your bragging that you can cook in any weather, on any surface, at any time.

Now is the time for the challenge of your grilling career: there is just one grill for all to share. A single, small grill for you and all of the other “grill masters” in the cul-de-sac to prove who has the ultimate grilling technique. Get to cooking, elbow out the competition, and season to perfection! Prove yourself or meat your maker.

First, gather 3-5 grillers to get heated! Then, you begin the game by selecting a recipe and placing it in your prep area. If you don’t get that on the grill before it spoils, it goes straight into the trash! Now you can only take one of three following actions: start another recipe, season one of your recipes, or place something on the grill. Hey, everyone has to have their turn!

Only when you place something on the grill do you get to turn up the heat. Or down! Whatever you need to get your recipe as perfect as possible. Or possibly overcook someone else’s recipe!

Now you just have to cook your heart out! Make the best food you can! Keep your opponents off the board with the most cumbersome of recipes. The food you’re preparing is the only food that matters, after all. 

The first to four completed recipes triggers the end of the game — the sun is starting to set and the block party is nearly over! Get your food onto that picnic table before time runs out.

The griller with the most points across all their completed recipes wins! But don’t forget all the friends and food we made along the way!

License to Grill comes with everything you need to get your holiday block party rolling. We’ve got 33 recipes (before stretch goals), the prep and resting player cards, punchboard tabs and bottle caps to keep score, and best of all: the box is the grill!

And for the Premium Edition of License to Grill, we’ve got metal! License to Grill in a custom metal tin to really give it that classic grilling feel. Prestigious! 

Now let’s talk about BackerKit Achievements! We’ve worked hard with BackerKit to really fill out these achievements. We’ve not only got a great set of traditional dollar stretch goals, but everything ranging from social media likes to number of backers! There is so much for you to unlock here! And there’s so many different ways to do it! Let’s get started with the incredible major dollar achievements.

  • ACHIEVED — $20,000 - Cloth Tablecloth! That’s right, instead of paper, there will be an actual table cloth! The difference will not only heighten the quality, but bring in that outdoors BBQ feel that really immerses you into the game. Not big enough to cover an actual table, though. Unless you have a very tiny table.

  • $30,000 - Unwelcome Guests! This adds pesky little ants onto the reverse side of the tablecloth scoring to deduct points from your meals! Yikes! This will make those final placements count that much more. Do you sacrifice a point for getting another recipe? Do you sacrifice a point to keep someone from getting a new recipe?! The strategy gets amped up another notch with this achievement. 

  • $50,000 - Upgraded Metal Scoring Tokens! The scoring tokens that would normally be cardboard tabs and bottle caps can be metal instead. The satisfying weight of actual metal tokens will look and feel like the real life thing, making it feel like you’re right there at the barbeque collecting tabs and bottle caps of a freshly cracked beverage!

But wait! That’s not all! We’ve got a ton of recipes that we would love to include in this game. There are a lot of different ways for you to help unlock all of them! This adds great content of the game to make for more replayability. New games can come across new recipes for ages yet! What are the question marks, you might ask? These are recipes yet to be revealed. We’ve got plenty more in the cooler and we’re excited to share them with you! Each different kind of recipe unlocks in a different way. Let’s learn more about all the methods you can use to bring this game to a new level of content.

On a Stick - Let’s Get Those Likes 
On a stick adds recipes that are (you’re not gonna believe this) on a stick! For our first group of recipes, get our License to Grill related posts to a total of 100 likes on their respective social media platforms to unlock these recipes! It’s just that easy! We’ll be tracking all of our social media post and YouTube videos to manually tally up those likes. Each like gets us one step closer to our goals listed! And, one person can like each and every post to really get those numbers up! 

  • ACHIEVED — Tofu Skewers — 100 total likes on any of our 3 YouTube License to Grill videos
  • ACHIEVED — Shrimp Skewers — 100 total likes on an of our tweets about License to Grill
  • ACHIEVED — Grilled Vegetables — 100 total likes on any of our Facebook posts about License to Grill
  • Kebabs  — 200 total likes on any of our YouTube posts about License to Grill
  • Pork Souvlaki — 200 total likes on any of our tweets about License to Grill
  • ACHIEVED — Chicken Skewers — 200 total likes on any of our Facebook posts about License to Grill

Livin' on the Veg - Green for Greens
Each dollar amount we hit will unlock a new vegetarian recipe to bring to the game! Number of dollars equal to the goals listed below will get us each recipe. We want to keep our vegetarian and vegan friends in mind, right? Let’s add more content together by getting these dollar amounts!

  • ACHIEVED — Brussel Sprouts — $21,000
  • Cauliflower Steaks — $21,500
  • Whole Roast Garlic — $22,000
  • Stuffed Poblano — $22,000
  • Grilled Leeks — $22,500
  • Tempeh — $23,000
  • Baked Figs — $24,000
  • Eggplant — $26,000
  • Lentil Burgers — $28,000
  • Tamales — $25,000

Regional Meats - Represent Your Flavor
Regional meats adds recipes from all over America to bring that nostalgia a little bit closer. Imagine everyone at the table fighting for your local recipe! Our number of backers will unlock these recipes when we meet each goal.  We’re always thankful for our backers, and we’ll be so glad to show that appreciation with more recipes for more backers!

  • ACHIEVED — Walleye - Wisconsin — 200 Backers
  • ACHIEVED — Catfish - Oklahoma — 350 Backers
  • Pork Steak - Missouri — 375 Backers
  • Fatback - The South — 380 Backers
  • Gator Tail - Florida — 390 Backers
  • Pork Roll - New Jersey — 400 Backers
  • Pit Beef - Maryland — 410 Backers
  • Spam Musubi - Hawaii — 425 Backers
  • Lobster - New England — 450 Backers
  • Boudin - Louisiana — 600 Backers

Sweet and simple just like the perfect BBQ sauce. There are two pledge levels featured for License to Grill: the game itself, and the premium version of the game. The premium version will feature everything that the game has plus be inside of a metal tin. How cool is that? (Or should we say how hot is that? ‘Cause y’know… grill? Moving on…)

The add-ons are equally simple! You can either get the sleeve pack that’s compatible with the standard or premium version and/or individual sleeve packs! Oh, and of course you can get additional copies of the game. 

And now a word from our president Paul Bender on shipping! 

We've got some pretty frustrating news regarding shipping for this campaign, so we want to get it out of the way up front. Due to changing complexities with VAT in the EU and many other countries, we are temporarily unable to ship to countries other than the US and Canada. Our corporate finance department is working to get this resolved ASAP, but in the meantime we don't feel comfortable offering shipping to other countries since we don't 100% know the correct way to estimate costs.

We considered delaying this campaign until the issue is resolved, but with Gen Con and other shows coming up (as well as work on other games we'll be crowdfunding this fall and winter!), we didn't feel that we could do so without wasting a lot of marketing work and throwing our whole schedule into chaos.

That said, as soon as we're able to ship to other countries, we'll activate them for this campaign, whether that is during the campaign itself or after it ends in the pledge manager. If you live outside of the US and Canada and are really excited about License to Grill, a $1 pledge will get you access to all of the updates and notice as soon as we can ship to your location.

In the meantime, here is the estimated shipping for the US and Canada.  The range given is based on pledge level, with the lowest price being the estimated shipping cost for the lowest pledge level, and the highest being the estimated shipping for the highest pledge level. However, after the campaign ends and we see what shipping rates look like, we'll charge actual shipping based on the weight of your rewards.

United States: $9-15
Canada: $35-45 includes VAT/GST!

For backers in the United States: We will charge you sales tax if you live in any of the states where Flat River Group has a warehouse (Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan).

For Canadian backers: GST and import fees are included in the shipping cost estimates quoted above and will be charged in the pledge manager at the same time as shipping. We will mark all labels as "bill taxes and duties to shipper", which means that FedEx should bill us. However, in our experience, FedEx will mess that up for some of the shipments - if that happens, just reach out to us and we'll refund you any fees. 

Thank you, again, for supporting our projects.

Paul Bender
Division President, Greater Than Games

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