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Project Update: Environment Update — The Tomb of Anubis

Good morning, Sentinels!

It’s a rainy morning here in St. Louis, so let’s seek shelter in that nearby building! I’m sure it’s a fine place, free of any traps… or mummies…

The Tomb of Anubis

Constructed: 2960 BC
Building Type: Necropolis
Height: 91.5 Meters (Above Ground)
Base: 83.4 Meters (Not Unearthed)

Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. found the Staff of Ra in a hidden temple to Ra. This ancient relic turned him into the mighty Ra, God of the Sun! Roderick Ward and his group of grave robbing adventurers found the Shrine of the Ennead, and within, the relics which transformed them into the powerful Egyptian pantheon!

However, not all tales of Egyptian gods are actually of relic-bearing heroes. In fact, one notable figure still exists: Anubis, Lord of Judgement! Anubis guards the gates of the underworld, judging those who pass from this life to the next, and manifesting in this world only when something upsets the balance of his scales. With so many new bearers of ancient Egyptian power making waves in this world, Anubis has been disturbed! He draws groups of powerful heroes and villains into his tomb to battle, and to be judged.

The Tomb of Anubis is filled with traps and trials, but also with treasure! Terrible mummies patrol the tomb, resetting the traps and assaulting any they come across. And, of course, Anubis himself judges all within. Do you dare to brave the Tomb of Anubis?!

The Tomb of Anubis has been a site for Sentinel Comics stories since the Golden Age of comics (as we’ll see in one of today’s Trial arts). To learn more about it, check out these episodes of The Letters Page podcast!

(Whew! One of the things that writing these updates has helped me realize: we’ve created a TON of content on The Letters Page podcast. Nice!)

The Tomb of Anubis is a dangerous place, but people venture there — or mysteriously find themselves there — to seek power, or beg a boon from Anubis… or possibly Ammit, if they’re feeling up to the challenge!

Within the tomb, you will be faced with numerous trials, all more dangerous than the last!

(Design not final)

FWASSH! Hah! I love it.

Then! You will be attacked by mummies! 

(Design not final)

If you can manage to navigate the trials and defeat the mummies, you may be granted powerful Relics that can aid you…

But you still must contend with Anubis, the lord of the Underworld, himself!

(Design not final)

Oh, and Ammit is lurking nearby, offering power to your foes and threatening the balance of the scales!

The tomb stands open! Dare ye enter?!


A couple of very worthwhile questions today!

Q: Why are The Ennead and the Tomb of Anubis and [other decks we haven’t revealed yet] in this set? Isn’t Disparation about alternate realities? This stuff seems like magic!

A: Ah, but The Ennead and the Tomb of Anubis and [other decks] ARE from other realms! The Egyptian mythology stuff is from another realm, as discussed in episode #111 of The Letters Page, which was linked in The Ennead’s update. As for [other decks]... time will tell on those. But, rest assured, they’re all at least connected to other realms. 

To expand on this a bit, we have a bunch of magic type stuff that could have all been bundled into a “Magic” themed expansion, but only by cannibalizing existing sets. Argent Adept and NightMist are the most notable magic using heroes in the Multiverse, and they were in the first two Definitive Edition products! So, rather than make such an expansion, magic stuff has been sprinkled throughout pretty much every set! Which, if you think about it, makes sense. Magic is ever present, alongside superpowers, but there’s a difference between “street-level” magic and “cosmic” magic and “extradimensional” magic, both in storytelling and in function. So, this set gets the magic stuff that is connected to other realms and realities. As for future sets? Who can say?

Q: Is the plan for Definitive Edition to have all of the content that Enhanced Edition had?

A: Yes! And MUCH more! There’s more already, certainly, but anything that you feel like we’ve “skipped” means it’s been moved forward to a future place. For reasons. This is another “time will tell” sort of thing, but know that we have a master plan and are steadily working towards it!

Thanks for the continued support, everyone! Join us tomorrow for a terrible villain — just in time for the weekend! Yay?

Oh, and don’t forget to keep on saving the Multiverse!





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