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8 months ago

Project Update: Principles Update!

An exciting new day, Sentinels!

And I’m excited to share it with all of you! The campaign continues to move along swimmingly, and there are still plenty more reveals on the way!

Yesterday, we talked about one of the most-changed heroes with some of the freshest mechanics, but we’re getting even more avant garde today, with a brand new type of card for Sentinels of the Multiverse! Something we’ve been teasing from before this campaign even launched!

Let’s talk about Principles!


Principles are cards that alter the way Heroes fundamentally worked, similar to the mechanical impact of Events on Villains, but not strictly an upgrade like Events are. Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation comes with 30 Principle cards, all of which share this deck back:

At the start of the game, any number of players may choose to use a Principle card alongside their Hero character card. You make this decision at the same time as deciding if you’re using the base Hero character card for the deck or a variant, and it’s a similar decision — you’re picking just what version of that hero you’re playing! 

There are a few different ways of picking Principles. Everyone can look through the deck and take whatever Principle they most want. Or, for a more targeted experience, you can deal each player 3 Principle cards, which they pick 1 of to use for that game. Or, the most deterministic option: deal everyone 1 Principle card. Boom. Done. Not all players in a game need to be using Principle cards! It will work just fine to have all Principles, some Principles, or none Principles. Up to you!

All that said, let’s look at a few Principle cards now!

(Design not final)

Look at this friendly fellow! He’s here to help.

You can set the Principle card next to your Hero character card… OR! You can slide it under your Hero character card, covering up the art and just leaving the text revealed. Unless you happen to be playing the same Hero as the one depicted on the Principle card, the art is mostly there to give you an idea of how a Hero might change with this Principle (and hint at a story from the Sentinel Comics book Disparation in which that very thing happened). 

So, to talk more specifically about the Principle of Compassion, it’s a pretty simple trade. You do less damage overall, but you gain a power that gives out some healing and allows an ally to draw a card. Straightforward, but can definitely make a difference!

Time for another Principle!

(Design not final)

Whoa! Ongoing cards are all Items? Indeed! This makes them additionally vulnerable to things that target Items, but with the upside of helping you find the cards you need. And some heroes will use this Principle very differently from others! Which really should be a true statement about each of these cards. That’s the whole point!

Let’s heat things up a little!

(Design not final)

This is one that I wasn’t going to show off, but the playtesters talked me into it, so here we are! Everything you do is now FIRE! But note that the fire spread damage that happens after a target is destroyed doesn’t hit the 3 Villain targets or non-Hero targets… it hits the 3 targets with the highest HP, which means you’re likely to burn your friends, as well. Be careful!

Let’s get weird…

(Design not final)

Last one for today, and it’s a weird one. Every time you would play a card, you can leave it up to chance, instead! Plus, At the end of your turn, you get a free play! Probably? I mean, there’s a little risk involved, but that’s OK, right? Right?! 😬

(Disclaimer: the Design not final tags on these are not kidding. We’re zeroing in on Principles, but they’re still not set in stone.)

Given the number of variants each Hero has, plus the 30 Principle cards in this set, the amount of permutations available for playing each Hero character is VAST. What sort of Hero will you be?

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns

As promised, I’m showing off other campaigns this week, starting with Impossible Jones!

Karl Kesel is a fantastic comic book artist and writer who has created many enduring stories for some of the big real world comics publishers, but he’s also got his own stuff! The Impossible Jones comic books are a thing that Adam (artist of all things Sentinel Comics) recommended to me as indie comics done right, and there’s a lot of the heart and joy of supers comics that we try to bring to Sentinel Comics stuff. 

Check it out! If you like fun supers comics stuff, Impossible Jones might be right up your alley!

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow for an update about a BRAND NEW Environment! 

Keep on saving the Multiverse!





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