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Project Update: New Environment Update — Æternus

Good morning, Sentinels fans!

I’m not even here! I’m actually on a plane right now (or, at least, at the time of this update being posted — not necessarily at the time of your reading this update) to Boston to attend the PAX East convention. I’ll be there this weekend along with other fantastic GTG folks, such as Paul Bender and Matt Kroll. If you’re around the show, come say hi!

Fortunately, even though I’m in the air, the badass Bailey (who has also been in the comments answering questions since the start of the campaign) was able to post this update for me, so all is well! Whew! Thanks so much, Bailey!

Now that we’re not worried about that anymore, let’s go to a very worrying place! It’s the brand new to Sentinels of the Multiverse environment: Æternus!


Sectors: Six — Punishment, Shame, Madness, Avarice, Corruption, Wickedness
Demon Princes: Seven
Demons: Uncountable
Chance of Escape: 0.01%

From before recorded history, humans have had a concept of an underworld. A realm of death and danger and madness — a place where evil and lost souls go for torment. Different cultures and religions imagine and describe it in their own ways, and they each  have their own names: Hell, Gehenna, Hades, The Abyss, Tartarus, The Pit, Naraka… the names we remember are a drop in the ocean of names forgotten for such a place. And that place is Æternus.

Æternus is a realm, not unlike the Realm of Discord. It is connected to our world, and you may find yourself there as a result of affected dreams or dark magics or even being severed from the mortal plane. However, instead of being focused on chaos as the Realm of Discord is, Æternus is a place of torment

Every being within Æternus strives to ascend to the throne. From the loftiest prince to the lowliest impling, the throne calls to all, promising power but ultimately resulting in destruction. The demons who live in Æternus are not immune to its torments — they delight in them, but they themselves are also tormented by their existence. Such is the way of Æternus. Surely, any who travel here to drink of its infernal power must be stopped! Can the heroes survive the torments of Æternus long enough to stop whatever villain is deranged or desperate enough to use such a place?

Welcome to Æternus.

Æternus is  a place that was created on The Letters Page podcast!

This is a realm full of torments and demons, and the demons can draw even more power from Æternus, in just the right — or wrong — circumstances. Is it a good place? No.

(Design not final)

The demons themselves are pretty terrible, even more so when empowered. They seem so harmless, right? (Probably not.)

(Design not final)

Since this is a brand new environment, it's full of spoilers... and I want to save some things back for the future! But, with these four cards, you have at least some idea of what is going on in Æternus. It's a terrifying place, and it is eager to visit those terrors on Heroes and Villains alike! Torment abounds!

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns

It’s time for another crowdfunding campaign of note, and this one is thematically appropriate for today’s update! Shall we listen to The Black Ballad?
The Black Ballad is an RPG supplement (compatible with D&D fifth edition but not exclusively for D&D), about what happens after you die. I highly recommend you look at this crowdfunding campaign page, as the amount of people doing phenomenal work on it is staggering. Besides the game itself, they also have gorgeous art, novels, and even an orchestrated soundtrack?! Amazing.

To experience the adventure of your afterlife, back The Black Ballad on BackerKit!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Join us tomorrow for another villain, and remember to keep on saving the Multiverse!





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