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9 months ago

Project Update: Villain Update — The Dreamer

Good morning, Sentinels fans!

It’s that time again — update time! Are the heroes bad enough to take down… a little girl?

The Dreamer

When Vanessa Long transported herself backwards in time, her first goal was to save the not-yet-born version of herself. She managed to get her parents out of the clutches of Project Cocoon — which was different in this reality, but still present and conducting experiments the likes of which The Visionary was all too familiar. From then on, she monitored the Long family from a distance, fearful of what might happen to this reality’s version of herself. When Vanessa Long was born, The Visionary was relieved that it was without an explosion of psychic energy, and that the baby seemed to be normal in all ways.

Six years have passed, and The Visionary has kept an eye on the Long family, but with no signs of complications, the family seems to be out of harm's way. Until one day, when the young Vanessa Long's latent powers manifested very dangerously.

The young girl's thoughts manifested themselves as physical creatures, and the shock of her new awareness of the world shut down her body, leaving Vanessa into a coma. The Nightmares she manifested tore through her home and out into the neighborhood, releasing psychic monsters into the world that the comatose young Vanessa Long had no control over. 

Can the heroes save The Dreamer from herself? 

The Dreamer has been talked about mostly as either part of The Visionary’s story, or much later as the hero Muse, who becomes part of Sentinel Comics in the “Universe 1” SCRPG era. She’s in a few episodes of The Letters Page, including:

But! Before she can become Muse, you must save her while she’s much younger and called The Dreamer!

(Design not final)

You can only hope to save her, and not until her villain character card flips do you have a chance to save her! It’s a matter of preventing the Nightmares from getting out of hand and rousing her from her slumber without any psychic backlash. Be careful!

She has some Nightmares that you might have seen before…

(Design not final)

As well as some new cards!

(Design not final)

That second card reminds me: this deck also has several cards from the “Nightmare World” event, for which Adam did some of the coolest art from a very specifically stylistic era of Sentinel Comics.

(Design not final)

The Dreamer is a similar villain to The Matriarch, in that she doesn’t have many appearances in Sentinel Comics, but is still very important to the arc and remembered well. Thus, her Critical Event is the uncommonly used “someone else as the character card for the same deck”, and I’m very excited about it… but that’s for another day! 

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns

Our friends over at Penny Arcade do a lot of game livestreams. In fact, I was just there at the end of last year playing a cooperative comic book card game with them! It went pretty well.

Their incredibly popular “Acquisitions Incorporated” livestreams have gathered quite the devoted audience, and they’re coming back with an action packed second series with all sorts of plans, including props, costumes, special guests, and more!

Check out their campaign! If I know anything about those folks, they’re going to tell a bunch of great stories!

Tomorrow is the last update of the week, but there will be a bunch more next week — I promise! Until then, keep on saving the Multiverse!





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