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Project Update: Hero Update — Omnitron-X

Greetings, Sentinels!

Let’s round out the week with a fan favorite hero!


Over a hundred years from now, Omnitron has gone through several forms. It constantly changes and improves itself whenever thwarted, always returning to terrorize humankind. However, it has learned that, no matter how much better, faster, stronger it makes itself, it is always defeated by these self-proclaimed heroes. What about them makes them better than such a vastly superior form?

It must be a secret of their empathy. Their ability to feel compassion for one another drives them to fight harder and overcome impossible odds. Surely, this can be replicated.

Omnitron rebuilt itself, in a humanoid form, and approximated an empathy-component. However, this proved to be its undoing! This new, tenth form of Omnitron realized with horror, a new emotion, that its previous purpose had been death and destruction! It focused its new efforts on returning to its point of origin to destroy itself before millions of lives could be threatened!

The heroes of the Multiverse have a new ally in the form of an old foe.

Omnitron-X is another character like yesterday’s who has appearances as both Hero and Villain — and also, later, an Environment! We have talked about the Hero version of Omnitron quite a few times on The Letters Page, including:

Omnitron-X is a well loved robot, both by many characters (especially Unity) within Universe 1, and also by the readership of Sentinel Comics. Starting out with some self-sacrifice before coming back as a different version of itself makes for a convoluted timeline, but an enduring character!

(Design not final)

As you can see from the base power, getting a Protocol card up and running is key. Why? Because they’re what makes everything happen.

(Design not final)

That’s right, the “Exterminate//Fabricate” system from Definitive Edition Omnitron is back!

Omnitron-X can use those effects for offense and support, and switches back and forth, depending on what’s going on in the fight!

(Design not final)

Additionally, Omnitron-X has Plating cards for defense that can greatly reduce certain damage types.

(Design not final)

They change the Omnitron-X chassis a lot! And, not to fear, there are tricks in the deck for doing Other Stuff with Plating cards, as well.

Omnitron-X’s First Appearance was during the big Omnitron event in the 70s, so expect that to be referenced for that variant. Other variants? Well, I’m certain you can guess some… and will absolutely not guess others!

Other Crowdfunding Campaigns
The last of the crowdfunding campaign shoutouts, and this one is really impressive!

The mad geniuses over at TinkerHouse Games (makers of deluxe terrain and standees for all your tabletop gaming needs) have put together a fantastic box of awesome stuff to help make your RPG games come to life at the table! 

Seriously, go check out how many things they’re cramming into this box. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with their products many times, and I can’t stress enough how both beautiful and functional they are. If this seems like the sort of thing you’d want on your table, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

Another successful week! Thank you so much for all the support, everyone! Even more coming next week, but for now, it’s time to take a couple of days to focus on saving the Multiverse!

See you Monday!





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