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Project Update: Villain Update — Apostate

Greetings, Sentinels!

It’s the beginning of the penultimate week of this campaign, which means things are really heating up! I’m back from PAX East (where we had a great time and I got to play Definitive Edition and even Disparation content with a bunch of lovely people, including lots of folks brand new to the world of Sentinel Comics!) and I’ve got a full slate of reveals to get through between now and the end of this campaign on April 6th, so let’s get to it!


Fanatic, the winged angel of vengeance, has great strength and great power, but those abilities rely entirely upon her worldview — her faith. So, when the black-winged man attacked her, claiming her to be one of his kind, she was taken aback. Bezaliel, as he called himself, pointed out all their similarities: their wings, their powers, even their swords! Bezaliel insisted to Fanatic throughout their fights that she was in fact his creation, and not a holy angel at all! Shaken, Fanatic fled from their initial confrontation, needing to meditate on these claims.

With Fanatic out of the picture, Bezaliel began his assault, bringing terror and destruction to the world by summoning dark relics and demonic entities to this plane. The heroes of the world joined forces to face him, calling him "Apostate", and he proved a terrible threat to the very existence of mankind.

Will you fall for his lies and deceptions? Or will you unmask the true intentions of Apostate?!

Hoooo boy, Apostate is an interesting character. Starting off as just an evil foil to Fanatic and evolving into one of the most loved and hated deceiver characters from Sentinel Comics, his arc is one that has surprised readers the most. I’d really recommend checking out his episodes of The Letters Page podcast, as they reveal a lot about how ridiculous this character can be.

Apostate. What a jerk.

(Design not final)

Look at his smug mug! He knows so many things he’s not telling you, and the stuff he IS telling you? You’d be better off never hearing it. 

So many lies!

(Design not final)

What trickery is this? And, looking at his character card again, there seems to be no way to get rid of these accursed Ongoing cards! Terrible. 

Well, what else does he have in his deck?

(Design not final)

Those look like they help Apostate a bunch, but they also give us a possible avenue to success! Blowing up his Relics means we can stuff his lies under his character card. I’m sure we’ll pay for that later, but it at least gives us a path forward.

Anything else?

(Design not final)

Oh, sure. Demons. Makes sense. Yuck.

Did you know that these three card types are the only ones in Apostate’s deck? It’s true! No One-Shots — all Ongoings, Relics, and Demons! How… nice. 

As for his Critical Event, just know that things might get a bit… EXTREME!


I don’t think I’ve missed any terribly pressing questions while I was gone, but if I missed yours, let me know! I’ll take a look at the comments on this very update to seed tomorrow’s update’s Q&A section, so get them in!

That said, I’ve seen a couple worth answering, certainly!

Q: Will Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition go past OblivAeon?

A: There are no current concrete plans for content beyond OblivAeon… but we’re also not saying never, because who knows what the future may hold! Our intention is to focus on making all the big and important stuff up through OblivAeon, and not until we get much closer to that Multiverse ending event will we seriously consider going beyond it. So, for now, don’t worry about it. The level of demand and interest years from now will determine that outcome.

Q: Did Aeon Men show up prior to the OblivAeon Event?

A: TWO OblivAeon related questions! Delightful! Anyway, the answer is yes — those orange-suited chaps have been around for quite some time, initially as just random spaceman jobbers without any real explanation (or real intention from editorial). They were later given the name “Aeon Men” and later still connected to OblivAeon itself. Portends! (Or, more accurately, retcons!)

See you tomorrow for an Environmental update! Keep on saving the Multiverse!





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