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8 months ago

Project Update: Environment Update — The Block

Good morning, heroes and villains, alike!

Today, we’re gonna talk about a prison! Yikes!

The Block

Human Inmates: 259
Alien Inmates: 143
Other Inmates: 76

F.I.L.T.E.R., which started out as an initiative to stop the influx of terrible extraterrestrial races, has become the organization in charge of jailing the most dangerous criminals and threats to our world. No government would acknowledge that F.I.L.T.E.R. exists, or that they can open portals to their time-locked prison The Block just about anywhere to book new prisoners. But they can. And they do.

Warden Hoefle runs a tight operation: besides the entire prison itself being kept separate from any known time-space dimension, the individual cells are cycled through time loops to nullify whatever powers or abilities the prisoners could bring to bear on the guards. However, there have been reports of disturbances within The Block, and someone should probably go check it out. If there were a full-scale prison riot there, it could spell disaster for every timeline accessible from The Block…

The Block has been the setting of more than a few Sentinel Comics stories, and the macguffin for even more! Its unique ability to connect to multiple realities make it a terrifying prison, and also a concerning potential danger…

Interestingly, The Block hasn’t come up a lot on The Letters Page podcast, but we did do an early episode where we explained pretty much everything about it:

The Warden is an uncompromising man, believing that he does what he does for the good of all reality. The majority of the guards are… less principled.

(Design not final)

The inmates are hardly a unified force, as they’re from all manner of place, time, reality, etc. The only thing that brings them together is their hatred of the guards.

(Design not final)

And, of course, The Block itself is a bizarre place. Sure would be a shame if the prisoners somehow got control of its functionality…

(Design not final)

The Block is a tumultuous place, as the heroes find themselves there in the midst of a massive altercation between F.I.L.T.E.R. and escaping inmates. It’s almost impossible to avoid being caught in the crossfire, and neither side thinks very highly of your intrusion. Good luck!


We got a few questions yesterday! 

Q: Is Apostate related to Æternus?

A: Not directly! Apostate is not a demon at all, but a Host spirit possessing a body (much like Fanatic is), and he’s merely adopted the demonic / fallen angel schtick because it suits his purposes for messing with Fanatic. Also, he likes the look. But he’s more than happy to “borrow” from Æternus, and even tempt denizens of that dread realm to come work for him!

Q: Also, will we get teases of difficulty/complexity ratings at the end of the campaign for heroes, villains, and environments? Also, do principles have any sort of rating/categories?

A: I’ll be releasing the entire Rulebook to y’all when it’s done, and that will give away all this information!

Tomorrow shows off a BRAND NEW VILLAIN! Who could it be?! 

Keep on saving the Multiverse!





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