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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Environment Update — The Final Wasteland

Good morning, Sentinels!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I debated doing a goof update on Saturday, but ultimately decided on keeping it to just the facts, ma’am. We’re into the final week now, so let’s start off with the very end!

The Final Wasteland

Year: Immeasurably in the future
Global Human Population: 1 or 2
Global Robot Population: At least 3
Primary Species: Rats Beasts and Chupacabra Hybrids

In one of the timelines in the Multiverse, the monsters and bizarre creatures we think of as myths and urban legends grew stronger and stronger while hiding from the human race, which hated and feared them. Given enough time to flourish and multiply, they finally broke out of their hiding in darkness and obscurity, hellbent on revenge! They slaughtered their way through the human population of the world, destroying all they touched. The human race rallied, but ultimately, the monsters from their greatest nightmares were too strong and too numerous.

Decades turned into centuries, and centuries became millenia — the world, now overrun entirely by monsters of all sorts, is a terrible wasteland. The few points of light in the darkness have long been extinguished. This could be the most terrible era for heroes, lost in time, to end up.

Hope that you never do.

We talked about the Final Wasteland in Chrono-Ranger’s episode, linked in his update. But it’s also come up a few times on The Letters Page podcast:

The Final Wasteland is a terrible place! Avoid at all costs.

It’s full of dangerous cryptids!

(Design not final)

Fortunately, there are some safe places.

(Design not final)

But don’t get too comfortable!

(Design not final)

Stay safe out there, Heroes.

See you tomorrow with NEW HEROES and the day after with NEW VILLAINS?!?! Exciting!

Keep on saving the Multiverse!





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