Christopher Badell
7 months ago

Project Update: Preorders soon, but not yet! So: some cards!

Good afternoon, Sentinels!

I was hoping that, by now, the preorder store would be open here... but it's not quite yet! I think there are still some more "i"s that need to be crossed and "t"s that need to be dotted on our end. We're working on it! Soon™!

While you wait for that, I'm excited to show off some cards that I had to keep under wraps. Since the heroes Darkstrife and Painstake weren't revealed until late in the campaign, I had to keep them under wraps until after those reveals... but now, you learn that they were lurking in Grimm's deck as well!

(Design not final)

There was also a request for more Painstake art, as well as different costumes, so here's a little something along those lines:

(Design not final)

Also, someone wanted more Nightmares? An odd request to be sure:

(Design not final)

Finally, another Variant card, since those are always popular.

(Design not final)

See you next month for more info, more reveals, and probably more weirdness along the way!





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