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Project Update: Villain Update — La Capitan

Greetings, Sentinels fans!

It’s the start of the third day, and what an amazing first two days we had! Hello to each and everyone one of you glorious gang of well over 3000 backers!

As promised, I’m here today to talk about a villain, so let’s get into it!

La Capitan

Young Maria Helena was tired of her dull life in Huelva, España. The most exciting part of her day was watching the ships sail in and out of port — she longed to be out on the sea, seeking the treasures of the known world, rather than stuck on land. So, when she saw an opportunity to sneak aboard a galeon, she did not hesitate. Disguising herself as a boy, she stowed away in the cargo hold until the ship sailed out to sea.

That was over 400 years ago.

Days into the ship's journey, Maria heard panicked shouting on the deck above. Tired of hiding and hoping that no one would notice another random boy on the ship, she raced to the top deck to see what all the commotion was about. As she reached the deck, the boat lurched terribly, throwing many crew members overboard, but Maria managed to barely catch herself on a railing. She could finally see the sea, but it was not the joyous occasion she had hoped for, as only a few dozen feet from the ship was a terrible wrongness. A horrible anomaly.

There appeared to be a vast crack in the surface of the ocean itself, and the water around it was pouring into the rift. The men who fell overboard were all quickly sucked in, and the ship was pulled closer and closer with each passing moment. Everyone aboard the ship ran about in a blind panic — no one had ever experienced anything like this before. Maria made her way to the ship’s helm, seeking better handholds to prevent her falling into certain doom.

As the ship finally dove into the crack in reality, sailors fell from the boat into the twisting void, but Maria held tight to the wheel, wanting desperately to sail the ship even unto eternity.

And then, she did.

The temporal energies of the rift in time changed the ship as it fell, and Maria Helena experienced some of that change herself. She could feel the energy of the rift stretching out before the ship, and knew that by turning the wheel that she gripped so tightly, she could move the ship through the temporal flow of time itself! Time was hers to explore — and to plunder!

Now, Maria Helena Teresa Fafila Servanda Jimena Mansuara Paterna Domenga Gelvira Placia Sendina Belita Eufemia Columba Gontina Aldonza Mafalda Cristina Tegrida de Falcon has sailed through the ages, collecting names for herself and a crew from her past, present, and future, all with the same great thirst for adventure and vast greed for riches from everywhere… and everywhen!

La Capitan sails through time, stealing things that delight her, names that inspire her, and ruffians to add to her motley crew! Check out these three episodes from The Letters Page podcast to learn more about her!

La Capitan is, at her core, a pirate. Add to that time shenanigans and a bizarre crew that dips into both piracy and cool time stuff, and you’ve got a villain who is both dangerous and also a lot of fun!

(Design not final)

Of course, she’s stealing your stuff! First thing first, gotta go get the ship, and some crew to help run it!

(Design not final)

Now let’s meet some of those crew members! A familiar — yet quite threatening — face, plus one who wasn’t originally part of THIS incarnation of La Capitan!

(Design not final)

Now, with her crew assembled, she’s ready to take all your things! And man is she good at it. 

(Design not final)

On The Letters Page podcast, we’ve told many tales of La Capitan (and even more tales of other heroes, villains, and more from the pages of Sentinel Comics), so it wasn’t hard to come up with interesting moments to draw on for her Events. It’s not time yet to get too deep into them, but rest assured that there will be both familiar tales, as well as exciting twists!


The comments section for this campaign has been busy! It’s also been pretty overwhelmingly positive, which I GREATLY appreciate. Sentinels fans are the finest community I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of! So, I don’t have a lot of questions (other than things I’m pointedly not answering, as mentioned in the last update). A big part of that has been the help from the intrepid Bailey, our customer service expert. Xir has been killing it getting people prompt and accurate answers. Thanks, Bailey!

However, there has been a question that prompted a change from us, so let me get to that one now!

Q: Can we order the core game Foil Pack and/or the Rook City Renegades Foil Pack separately? 

A: Before yesterday afternoon, the answer to that question was, “Not as part of this campaign, but they are on our webstore!” Which is a fine answer, I guess. However, Bailey was unsatisfied with that answer and took decisive action! Thanks to xir hard work, those items are now available in the Add-On system! Huzzah! So, now the answer to that question is: “Yes! Go get ‘em!”

Thanks everyone! I look forward to sharing information about an Environment with you tomorrow!

Keep on saving the Multiverse!





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