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Project Update: Environment Update — Silver Gulch, 1883

Greetings, Sentinels fans!

It’s the end of the first week, and what a first week! I’m very curious to see what the rest of this campaign will bring… and I’m sure you are, too! So let’s get into it!

Silver Gulch, 1883

Established: 1867
Population: 923
Empty Jail Cells: None

Silver Gulch is a good town. Well, it was. Before them Hayes boys rode into town, that is. Since then, most of the townsfolk've cleared out. Hightailed it out of town, and just in time, too. Now, every street corner is filled with the sounds of breaking glass, hootin' and hollerin', and gunfire.

Last night, there was a strange, warbling sound, and a bright flash of weird light. Some folks in funny clothes came walking out of thin air, but they looked as confused as the rest of us! They're clearly far from home. Wasn't long before the Hayes brothers were taking pot shots at them, too.

Are you ready for a Weird West adventure?! Silver Gulch is back, but this time with even more temporal anomalies than before!

Looks pretty quiet, right? Don’t get used to it!

The infamous Hayes brothers are around, and there are rumors that they’ve gotten their hands on some kind of fancy science fiction apparatuses? That doesn’t sound right…

(Design not final)

There’s a lot of property about, which might be used by outlaws and law enforcement as cover in the nigh-constant gunfights, but could also be used for their intended purposes, as well.

(Design not final)

Uh, what’s that second piece of property there?! Where did that come from? WHEN did that come from?! We’ve got trouble.

Good thing the sheriff has put out a bounty on the Hayes brothers. I just hope it helps… in time!

(Design not final)
Lost in time?! That sounds bad!

For more information on Silver Gulch, check out these two episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

Q&A… or not!

The questions have been pretty quiet! Honestly, I’m used to a lot more, “But, wait, what?” during crowdfunding campaigns, but it seems like you folks are all pros at this! I especially appreciate everyone in the comments answering the questions that do pop up on things that have been addressed in the past. That’s great. 

As a reward, I’ll use this section to show off a Chrono-Ranger variant! I hinted in his update that his First Appearance variant is NOT the moment from the Akash’Bhuta fight. That was the first time he showed up in the pages of Sentinel Comics (well, unless you count his appearances in Covered Wagon Comics in the 1940s and ‘50s, but that’s just as Jim Brooks, not Chrono-Ranger), but it wasn’t his first named appearance. He was just there for a couple panels. So, rather than use the cover of that comic (that indicated nothing about him at all) for his First Appearance comic, we did this!

(Design EXTREMELY not final — Christopher messed up here)

Now, I’ll note right off the bat that a couple of typefaces in that image are incorrect — InDesign was fighting me this morning, and I figured it was worth it to show you the card anyway and have our much-better-than-I-am-at-this graphic designers fix my mistakes  well before it goes to print. But! This way you get to see what many in the world where Sentinel Comics is a real publisher consider to be the actual First Appearance of Jim Brooks as Chrono-Ranger! 

Volume 3 of Tome of the Bizarre launched in April of 1988, starting off with the full backstory of Jim Brooks becoming Chrono-Ranger (as told in Wednesday’s update). And that’s what’s on this card!

Have a great weekend everyone! I recommend playing some Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition this weekend — the Multiverse needs saving, after all! See you all Monday for another exciting update!





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