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Project Update: Villain Update — Miss Information

Good morning, Sentinels fans!

It’s the beginning of the second week! We had a busy weekend here on the campaign, adding hundreds more backers — I’m thrilled to see you all here! 

Now, let’s get Villainous!

Miss Information

“They… didn’t save me."

The darkness closed in around her, pressing, crushing, choking. Aminia felt blind panic, like shadowed hands squeezing her desperately thudding heart up again her ribs and then— nothing. Darkness. Silence. And one thought: “They didn’t save me.”

Suddenly, the light hit her eyelids with searing brightness as she snapped into life with a jolt. She gasped for air. “Ms. Twain? Are you alright?” Dr. Stinson asked quickly. “Hiccups?” Mr. Parsons asked in his usual, genial manner. She felt her stomach churn — how did she ever find that phony charisma so charming? She smiled weakly and nodded, feigning another hiccup, before excusing herself from the meeting for a cup of water. Shutting the door behind her, she melted, stunned, on the other side of the wall. The meeting continued on within the room behind her — they didn’t even notice her absence.

What happened? Her eyes darted around the familiar headquarters of the Freedom Five, but not everything seemed like how she’d left it. Things were different. She was different. She had died. The darkness had lifted to unveil a changed world. Or perhaps, perhaps only she had changed? She went to the sink to fill the “World’s Finest Assistant" mug Dr. Stinson gave her three years before they let her die. The handle had yet to crack.

This world was most definitely different than the one she left, but no difference cast such a stark contrast as the difference she felt inside. No longer was she the devoted, sheepish secretary who alerted the Freedom Five to where trouble emerged, who placed orders for Tachyon’s many pairs of new footwear, who copied memos from the president, who washed sweaty spandex uniforms. Now, she was awake.

Aminia straightened up her jacket and opened the door to return to the job she perfected in her previous life. No longer would she skip date night to remove every fleck of red dust from their precious equipment. Nor would she lose sleep worrying about the calls she would make to loved ones with bad news after a battle. For never again would she shed a tear for the Freedom Five. No. For now, all she heard amid the cheer of the grateful crowds and the praise of the adoring public was that one final thought. They had a choice — me, their devoted servant, who gave EVERYTHING… or five total strangers.

“They didn’t save me.”

“Can they save themselves?”

Aminia Twain was the devoted Administrative Assistant of the Freedom Five for many years…

(Design not final)

…before another version of her — from a timeline in which she died when the Freedom Five couldn’t save her from a villain — made its way through the Multiverse and took over the mind and body of this reality’s Aminia Twain, becoming the villain Miss Information!

(Design not final)

To learn more about both Aminia Twain and Miss Information, check out these episodes of The Letters Page podcast:

Miss Information defeats the Heroes by turning their strengths against them, and revealing their weaknesses to their greatest foes!

Her deceptions leave clues behind, but will the Heroes uncover the truth in time?

(Design not final)

How can the Heroes deduce who their true foe is, so long as they have so many opponents, each recognizable from some other potential threat (such as a Villain that was released last week…)? They all seem to be going after Aminia Twain! You’d better stop them…

(Design not final)

Of course, when the truth is revealed, it is devastating. To everyone. 

(Design not final)

Aminia Twain herself is a victim here, in so many ways. But the Heroes must save the day, and in this case, it means saving themselves from one they thought of as their greatest ally. 


The comments continue to be fantastic and delightful! Thank you all for being so engaged and encouraging!

We did get an interesting question about add-ons and RPG books from Faralis:

Q: Question about addons - are you planning on adding more upcoming RPG products to later crowdfunding campaigns for those who were too late for the RPG Kickstarter?

A: Possibly! We’d certainly like to, as we make more SCRPG products and run more crowdfunding campaigns about Sentinel Comics stuff. At the end of this campaign, we’ll have a good feel for how popular those add-ons were this time around, and if there’s been sufficient interest, we could definitely see them being part of future campaigns, as well!

Thanks again, everyone! I look forward to revealing another Hero for you all tomorrow!

And, as always, keep on saving the Multiverse!





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