Gavel of Doom

Gavel of Doom

Bring more drama to the demise (or survival) of the characters in your RPG campaign with this oversized gavel ink stamper!
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Gavel of DOOM?

I’m an avid RPG player. Dungeon Crawl Classic (“DCC”) is my regular system.

In DCC, the person running the game is called the judge. Because DCC players go through a lot of characters, many judges have ink stamps to use when a character dies.

Judge + ink stamp = a gavel with stamps on either end. Thus was born the Gavel of DOOM.

I’ve come up with several stamp designs, and will include 1 stamp with the base package and 2 or more at the Judge Grande level.

Working with a local woodturner, we’ve come up with an oversized gavel design that feels good in the hand and provides a satisfying thunk when used.

The kind folks at Goodman Games have given permission for the ink stamps to include their logo. Joseph Goodman himself provided key feedback and encouragement after receiving an early prototype. And Gong Farmer’s Local 2-2, my regular group, have been wonderfully encouraging. 

I hope you will enjoy using the Gavel of DOOM in your next campaign!


All shipping fees will be charged separately, AFTER the campaign, during pledge management. The prices below are estimates. Actual shipping prices will be determined after production is finished and we're gearing up to send out the gavels. Note: if you order any add-ons or additional Gavels of DOOM, your shipping cost may increase.

Estimated shipping costs for a single Gavel of DOOM:

  • $10 USA
  • $20 UK
  • $25 Canada
  • $30 Australia, NZ, Ireland, Norway

We expect to be able to start shipping the Gavels of DOOM by early August. 
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