➡️All backers will score a FREE 'Shiny Foxes' Large sticker!
➡️Backers who pledge for 3+ pins will score themselves a free mini pin!
➡️If we hit $3000 AUD in funding, all backers will score an exclusive sticker pack!
Shiny Evolving Fox Imposters - An Enamel Pin Project

Shiny Evolving Fox Imposters - An Enamel Pin Project

Meet our imposters. This cute little Fox is wreaking havoc across the globe, by posing as some of the greatest shiny monsters of all time! These cute little imposters are 35mm Hard Enamel Pins to quench your cute pin thirst!
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Shiny Evolving Fox Imposters - A Pin Project: The Basics & Me

Hey Pin Collectors & 'mon lovers,

I'm Tenille. I used to be a teacher, but I cannot teach anymore due to my mental health. I adore the 'mons - the games, the cards, the merch. I took up art in 2022 to help my mental health. I absolutely love it and recommend that everyone try some form of art. I love collecting pins and other merch and I often found that there were not the 'mon out there that I wanted. So I decided to start making my own pin designs. I've decided to do them via fan-funding to assist with some of the funds as I haven't been set up very long as a small business, so do not have the funds yet myself to fully fund the production of the pins.

This is my fourth fan-funding project. My first was very successful and we unlocked all 19 pins and other merch (over $4k!). My second was also successful even with less designs available and was funded (just under $1k)! My third project was also recently successful with 8 pins unlocked and just over $1k funding!

You can check out my Instagram here, and my website here. I also run a YouTube channel based around Pokemon and Trading Card Games and even do live drawings for subscribers, you can visit that here.

How will this Project work?

All goal and stretch goal amounts are in AUD.
1. Select your amount of pins. If you pledge within the FIRST 48 hours, you will receive a bonus BackerKit exclusive pin!
2. Select any of the add-ons.
3. You can add or subtract add-ons throughout the BackerKit Campaign. 
4. When the project ends and your payment is processed, you'll need to complete a survey to let me know your postal information and which pins you want.
NOTE: For the first 48 HOURS of the campaign there is a bonus free pin for people that pledge. Please note that if you pledge during this time, then remove your pledge, you will not be able to re-pledge and access the FREE pin after the 48 HOURS.

SHIPPING: Will be a flat rate of $5 AUD for Australians (Domestic) and $10 AUD (Internationals), this will not be charged until when the project completes and you are doing your survey. $10 AUD is roughly equal to $6.50 USD / £5.20 - Any customs fees are the responsibility of the backer.

Project Timeline

  1. Launch Project in April, 2024.
  2. Pledges close June 1st, 2024.
  3. Takes about a week for pledges and payments to process.
  4. Surveys are sent out to find out which pins you want.
  5. 1-1.5 months for production.
  6. Pins sent-out during August/September 2024.

What are the pins? When will they unlock?

Below is images of the pins and when they are unlocked. As they are unlocked, I'll change the graphic to have an unlock on it and post an update letting everyone know.
All  pins will be 35mm on their largest side. Being shiny pins, they will have added glitter to make the pins shine in the light. They are silver plated and come with a rubber clip for the backing.
The $$ value of unlocking each pin is in AUD (Australian Dollar) but when I do an initial backer update I'll do a quick conversion for currencies of people that have funded before.

The early bird FREE BONUS pin is only available in the first 48 hours. If you remove your pledge after this time, you will lose access to the free pin. The bonus pin is EXCLUSIVE to this BackerKit project and will not be available for sale at all after. The pin size is 40mm in height and will be gold plated with a rubber clutch!


What are the add-ons?

Similiar to the pins, some add-ons will be available straight away and others will unlock at certain points throughout the project. If the project does exceptionally well and we smash through the goal and all the stretch goals, I have some extra add-ons up my sleeve - I'll ask for Backer input as to which to to add to the project.

- Additional Pin: Immediately Available
- 3 Pin Grab Bag & Sticker (3 x Previous Styles): Immediately Available
- Shiny 'Foxes' Tote Bag: Unlocked!
- Shiny 'Foxes' Card Sleeves (50 pc): Unlocked!
- Shiny 'Foxes' T-Shirt: Unlocked!
- Shiny 'Foxes' Hoodie: Unlocked!
- Custom Card Spots (Digital): Unlocked!
- 20mm Ball Filler pins: Unlocks at $3000 AUD

Sizing Guide for Clothing:

Shipping Information


When you fill out your BackerKit survey at the end of the project, that is when the system will recognise if you are Domestic or International. Please ensure that you mentally add the following sums to your pledge so that you are not surprised.

SHIPPING: Will be a flat rate of $5 AUD for Australians (Domestic) and $10 AUD (Internationals), this will not be charged until when the project completes and you are doing your survey. $10 AUD is roughly equal to $6.50 USD / £5.20 - Any customs fees are the responsibility of the backer.

When will my items be posted to me?
Your items will be posted when your latest product arrives. All items will be held until that time, so that they can be packaged together. For example, if you pledged for one item that says July, but you also pledged for pins, the your earlier items will be held until everything comes in stock.

What type of postage are you sending with?
All parcels will be sent with Auspost, Domestic (Australia) and International. If you are International, please make sure that you include a valid phone number and email in your survey to ensure that your parcel makes it through customs. SHIPPING: Will be a flat rate of $5 AUD for Australians (Domestic) and $10 AUD (Internationals), this will not be charged until when the project completes and you are doing your survey. $10 AUD is roughly equal to $6.50 USD / £5.20 - Any customs fees are the responsibility of the backer.

Do you ship to all countries?
At the moment there are some restrictions. Germany has changed the types of parcels they take (ecofriendly - I am registered for this, but please let me know so that I can put yours in different packaging), so please contact me before pledging to see if it is possible to send. There is also difficultly with sending to Russia, Ukraine and a few other places. Other than that, if you are not sure, send me a comment/message and I can look up if Auspost makes it to your country.

Additional Information

What happens after the Project?
After the project, backers will be sent a survey. You have a MAXIMUM 2 calendar weeks to fill out the survey and get it back to me. This ensures that I get the right amount of pins and other items. If you have not filled out the survey in this time, you'll be contacted within the week after and if there is still no response, then your pledge will be used as a donation to the project.

My package hasn't arrived yet, but I know it has been sent. What do I do?
If it seems like an abnormal amount of time has passed since you were sent tracking, get in contact with me via email/message. We can investigate this together!

My parcel is lost in transit. What do I do?
If it is a tracked parcel and is lost we will need to complete a form with the carrier and I'll be reimbursed for the package. I will then send you out the new package. I will be getting a few extra pins in case of this, however, it cannot be guaranteed that I will have the exact pins you are after, so if this happens, please accept my apology as it is out of my hands. 

My parcel got lost because I gave the wrong information or it was stolen. What do I do?
Unfortunately, if you have provided me with details that are incorrect or asked for it to be shipped to an un-secure location, then that is at your own risk. These parcels are not replaced, so please ensure you have provided me with correct information when filling out your survey. 

Will items be available after the project?
There may be some pins available after the project on my web store: 
However, both the pins and the postage will be more expensive to cover the platform fees, so it is cheaper to get it through the BackerKit Project. Additional items like the add-ons which may include totes, t-shirts and other various items WILL NOT be available after. They are exclusive for this Project!

The pin I wanted hasn't been unlocked. What do I do?
Pledge! If you pledge and spread the word the chances are that we will unlock that pin. So get your family and friends involved. Example, if you do pledge for 8 pins, and we only unlock 6 - you will be able to choose pins from my previous projects.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project