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Project Update: Pin Sample Photos!!

Hey monster lovers! Hope you had a good weekend!!

Exciting news today - I've received images of the half-completed samples from my manufacturer, and wanted to share them with you guys!!

These are HALF-COMPLETE samples so here are a few things to note:
  • THESE ARE NOT THE COMPLETE PINS! These are only half-done.
  • The black nickel plating hasn't been added to these.
  • The screen printing hasn't been added to these.
  • The chains haven't been added to these.

These reasons are why they look a little rough right now, this stage is just for me to double check the enamel colors before sending them to mass production.

Known issues that will be fixed:
  • On Zak, the rolled-up part of his pants, belt loop, and the sole of his boot are the wrong colors.
  • Sebastian is too green due to how the glow-in-the-dark powder mixes with the enamel, and I will adjust.
  • The dark brown on Winston's hair, shirt, and shorts looks a little darker than I anticipated and I may adjust to be lighter. I also want the yellow on him to be a little bit warmer.

Despite needing to make some tweaks, I'm SO EXCITED to see the first images of the pins!! I'm pumped!

And before I go, here's another reminder to PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SURVEY!! Once the colors are approved I'll be making the order based on the counts I have at the time. This is also a good time to make any adjustments to your order if you're still not sure about something or want to make any more additions.

One more thing before I go: I will be out of town visiting family starting this weekend on Friday May 24th and I will be gone for a little over 2 weeks, returning June 10-11 or so. During that time, other than doing a final notification when I lock orders on the 31st, you guys will likely receive very few updates from me if any. I will still do my best to respond to any comments or messages I get, but official updates will likely be spotty at best.

Thanks, I hope y'all had a great weekend, and talk to you again soon!

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