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about 1 month ago

Project Update: All Femme Fatale surveys released! 🐍💖🎉

The Smoke Tests went through successfully with no issues, so all the surveys have been released!! 🎉 If you see the survey, please fill it out as soon as possible!! :)

I'm going to set the charge card date for June 28th to give everyone time to gather the funds for shipping and extra add-ons. Please fill out the survey ASAP so I can get accurate counts of all the pins/add-ons! Your card will not be charged right away until June 28th when orders are locked/cards charged, so be sure to fill out the survey as soon as you see it!

As a reminder, there is an option to upgrade your pledge level tier in your survey to the "I NEED ALL THEM FEMMES" 11 pin set tier or the "MY HEART IS NOW CONTENT" Medusa board/full pin set tier. These top 2 tiers include the 2 new Harpy and Egyptian Goddess Nut pins for free~ If you backed my friend Allison's Femme Forecast campaign, you will also get both Persephone collab pins! 

Instructions on how to upgrade your pledge level directly in your survey can be found right here! <3 (If you were an Early Bird backer, and decide to upgrade tiers, your perks should stay on your account ^_^) Your survey link should be sent in a separate email, if you have trouble finding your survey follow the instructions here

Thank you so much for your patience and support, we are so close to the end! :)

:) <3

-Jess! <3

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