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✨💙 I'm hard at work finishing the last few designs we unlocked at the end! I will update soon with images of the new designs! 💙 ✨
Flora & Feather & Dragon - Enamel Pins & Bookcharms

Flora & Feather & Dragon - Enamel Pins & Bookcharms

Pin & bookcharm collection of a matching set of bird, flower, & dragon for each Flora & Feather painting. Come see what magical fauna we've unlocked so far!
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This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more â†’


  • ✨ Free Bonus 1 ✨ Back for a physical item in the first 48 hours: Receive a free soft-touch bookmark. Back both Flora & Feather campaigns and get a beautiful set of all 3 bookmarks!

  • ✨ Free Bonus 2 ✨ Back for $100 or more: receive an 8x12 Flora & Feather print of your choice!

  • ✨ Free Bonus 3 ✨ Back this campaign AND my matching puzzle campaign: Receive a gold foil sticker or sticker set!  (see puzzle section below)

  • ✨ Free Bonus 4 ✨ Back this campaign AND Kaitlund's Pintopia campaign: Receive the free bonus unicorn pin!  (see design section below)

  • ✨ Free Bonus 5 ✨ Returning backers from my previous Kickstarters will also receive a free metallic pearl print! Choose any Flora & Feather painting for your 4x6 metallic print as a thank you for backing my previous projects ❤️ 

Have you ever noticed how nature copies itself? How shapes & color repeat from one creature to another? How it takes new, awe-inspiring forms before our eyes and laces its roots into our imaginations?

That is the magic that inspired this series!

Welcome to the realm of Flora & Feather!

Each "Flora & Feather" painting is a realm, imagined in wonder - where bird & flower mirror each other. All the while, a wondrous surprise hides among the flora - tiny hidden dragons that mirror them as well!

With this campaign, each painting is being transformed into a matching set of 3 delicate treasures:
  •  a bird
  • a flower
  • and a tiny dragon!

Each design will be available as both an enamel pin & a bookcharm

  --  starting with my most popular creation - Quetzal & Jade Vine!

I was enchanted by the beautiful, jewel-like, rainforest colors of these birds and flowers - which inspired me to create what has become my most popular painting ever! And it's the perfect start for this new transformation of the series.

Pin & Bookcharm Specs: These will be larger pieces to showcase all the intricate details. Each will be around 1.75 inches to 2.5 inches with some variation due to some designs having longer shapes (like the quetzal tail) - but each will be sized to feel proportional to the others.

Each will be hard enamel, include a laser engraving on the back, and the pins will each have two posts. The bookcharms will have a 10-inch satin cord of a matching color to lay inside your book, with a 2-inch tassel on the other end that matches the color of the cord.

UV Printing Upgrade: I'm adding an exciting upgrade to this series! As opposed to standard pins and charms, these treasures will also have a deluxe UV printing on the enamel, giving them a richer, more dynamic appearance with the inclusion of beautiful gradient colors rather than flat enamel fills. This will give them an even more organic and volumetric appearance as the colors shift from one hue to the next. I am excited to have found a way to bring even more color to these - as color is such an important part of the collection!

*Also - please note - all of these designs are refined sketches for mockups, not the final artwork, and may still change slightly as I work to finish them and work with manufacturers to get them just right :)

As part of Pintopia 2 - my Pintopia partner, Kaitlund Zupanic has also created a beautiful pin series of mythological creatures that will complement Flora and Feather very well. In return, I've designed this delicate unicorn from my enchanted forest series as a bonus pin for anyone who backs both of our campaigns!

I have always loved how elegant Kaitlund's work is 🖤 Her beautiful creature designs are elevated by her graceful sense of gesture and line. I am sure you will love her designs as much as I do!

As long as both of our campaigns fund successfully, anyone who backs both our campaigns for at least one pin each will receive these bonus pins for free with their rewards!
I have several more Flora & Feather paintings that I'd love to transform into shiny pin and bookcharm designs for you!

I can't believe we've reached this point lol but this is the last painting in the series! If we unlock these - the entire set and series will be complete! 💙 I never thought we'd even get close to this far lol so thank you so much everyone for helping bring all these creations to life!

As you can see - you guys definitely left me in the dust with finished designs 😅 but I will be working to finish them all after the campaign ends and post updates here with the finished designs! And everything will be finished long before I send out the pledge manager - so you will be able to see all the finished designs to choose your favorites from then! Thank you again, everyone, for making this so much more successful than I even dared hope for 💙 I can't wait to send you all these new shinys!

As a bonus stretch goal for hitting the 10k achievement and unlocking all 3 complete sets the campaign started with - I am adding a deluxe, extra-large, gold-foil, backing card to any pin trio. These gold-foil cards are each 5x7 inches, and made the same as my $25 gold foil prints - including the extra thick cardstock, the soft touch finish, and the beautiful raised gold foil finish. With these backing cards, your pin set comes ready to be put into a 5x7 frame for display if you like :)

(These pictures are just for mockup purpose - so the sizing and layout might not be exact - but I wanted to show you what I am working on creating)

I decided to add another bonus stretch goal - new metal variants!!

With this series, it was so hard to make up my mind about what color metal I wanted them to have. I love the look of the gold with all of these - and in general on pins. It's just so classy and classic! But with each set, I've also thought there was another color that could look pretty - like silver on the crested crane set - or metallic black on the quetzal set. 

So I decided, why choose?! lol If we hit 20k - each set will come in two color options for the metal. All the sets will come in gold and one other metal color that I think will complement the colors :) 

I've tried to keep the tier list simple, as it can get very long and complicated with too many options. Don't worry - the add-on menu will allow you to order any extra pins or bookcharms you desire ala-carte. 

Free Bonus: anyone who backs for $100 or more will get an 8x12 print of the Flora & Feather painting of their choice! 


I'm trying something new - and maybe a little wild for this campaign lol - I'm running another Flora & Feather campaign at the same time!

Not only am I creating this collection of pins and bookcharms here on Backerkit - I'm also creating 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles of each Flora & Feather painting as well on Kickstarter!

Both campaigns are starting and ending at the same time - and backers who back both campaigns will get a bonus reward! 

  • Everyone who backs for at least one pin and one puzzle - will get a gold-foil "Flora & Feather" sticker of their choice. 
  • Everyone who backs both campaigns for a total of $100 or more - will get the matching set of 3 gold-foil "Flora & Feather" stickers of their choice. 
My gold foil stickers are usually between 4-5 inches big and are normally priced at $10 each - so this bonus is worth up to $30 in free stickers! 

If you want a more complete set of your Flora & Feather favorites, back both campaigns and get the extra treasures! These puzzles and art tins also make great gifts. I have so many people tell me they are buying prints of my Flora & Feather paintings as gifts for their loved ones who love birds as well :) 


You can customize your pledge to get whichever Flora & Feather rewards you like! 

Including add-ons to your pledge is simple! :) When pledging, you will see the option to add them as you check out - making the selection process easy. Just choose how many of each item you would like and you will select which designs you want later.

(I will send out a link after the campaign where you can choose exactly which ones you want for all your rewards.)

See below for details about Gold Foil Prints and Journals! :)

Gold Foil Prints - are 5x7 inches, printed on a luxurious extra thick cardstock, and coated in a soft touch coating that makes them velvety soft. The gold foil is a thick, shiny gold that's raised for an embossed-like effect that catches the light stunningly. 

I get so many compliments on these and so many people say they're even prettier in person than pictures show. 

I have many other styles of prints available - sized from 8x12 to 20x30 - printed on paper, canvas, and metal. Rather than have 100 print add-ons, I decided to just mention here that prints are available on my website :) 

Each journal/sketchbook has a luxuriously soft, faux leather cover; a sewn-in ribbon bookmark; an elastic band closure; and an interior pocket on the back cover to store your notes and stickers! They have blank pages that are thick and sturdy - and of course the beautiful gold foil stamping for the detailing on the cover that gleams in the light.

*A note on the Quetzal and Jade Vine journal: The colors printed on the faux leather cover are much brighter and more vibrant than my normal printings of this painting. So there is some variety in color and vibrancy between the journal and other prints of this painting. 


Find me online to see more of my work! 

This will be my 7th crowdfunding campaign! (8th if you count the one running on Kickstarter right now lol) And this is my 2nd series of enamel pins & bookcharms. Last year, I created a collection of 20 Egyptian mythology gods as pins & bookcharms - each as a totem animal.  Here is a peek at how that collection turned out:

I was so happy with how these designs turned out as real metal & enamel treasures and I got such kind comments from my previous backers. I wanted to share some of those comments here for those curious with how the last campaign went. It's been so wonderful to hear how happy people are with them! I hope to create something you treasure just as much with this new series!


Shipping will be charged after the campaign, once fulfillment is ready to begin. This will be charged separately through the BackerKit survey. 

These flat rates are for your pledge level only. Add-on items do come with additional shipping costs as they increase the weight of your final order and, depending on the final weight, should only be a dollar or two for most items.

I focus on making sure that the final pieces are as nice as I can make them rather than rush you a subpar finished product. 

Working with the manufacturers to get the final product just right can take time working back and forth. I expect this to take no more than a week or two - but with my last campaign, it ended up taking three months for us to get the proofs just right. I don't expect it to take that long, but I always want to err on the side of making the final piece as lovely for you as possible, rather than rushed. 

Once that step is finished, the making of the pins & bookcharms takes about another month. Again, in the interest of trying to keep the quality high, I don't opt for them to rush making them, but rather stress my preference for high-quality control. Then they are shipped to me which can take a week or two, and I begin fulfillment! :) 

I hope to begin fulfillment within 4 months - but it could be much faster if everything goes smoothly. And whether it is going faster or slower than predicted, I will be sure to keep you updated on how the process is progressing. 

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