Karen Alleluia
6 days ago

Project Update: Charging cards (7/12) + pin progress! πŸ¦‰

Hello my fellow bird watchers, I hope you're all staying cool under this heat! I will be charging cards and closing the add-ons/BackerKit store in 2 days, Friday, July 12th, so please make sure your surveys are done and you've selected everything you want. There are 9 of you who haven't filled out your survey so pls do that now bc things will get really complicated later πŸ₯²

Now, some progress pics! My manu did an amazing job working with me on the chain design for this baby owl! (Please disregard the colors as we're still working them out. Neutral colors are kind of a nightmare but the last pic is closer to what the final will look like!) I can tell my main manu guy is also proud of this design because his pictures are usually blurry, dark, and sent in singles. The man sent me several clear photos with nice backgrounds for this one lol~Β 

This is my first product working with chains and I think it's such a huge success so far. Thanks so much for letting me experience this! This owl has been one of the most popular designs amongst you all so far so I hope you like it~ More updates later! πŸ¦‰πŸ’•




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