Folkgore Enamel Pins

Folkgore Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins of monstrous folklore creatures in Asian and Irish mythology. Deluxe pins feature unique chain and charm element.
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Steeped in the culture of its origins, folklore can often be creepy, gory, and unsettling. I was inspired to create this pin set by my friend and fellow horror fan, Hazel, who introduced me to the vampiric Manananggal in their zine, A Traveler's Guide to Filipino Aswang and Engkato. Just as Hazel explored their heritage with A Traveler's Guide, creating Folkgore allowed me to examine my own feelings and experiences with the Asian diaspora and my family's cultural roots. In developing this set, I not only revisited the Japanese folk tales and Irish superstitions of my childhood, but also indulged in my love of Asian horror films and Irish literature.

I am thrilled to have in this set several collaborative pins with the very talented Carrie Alyson of Aspenhearted whose experience is helping ensure the pins are manufactured at the highest quality. The initial set of deluxe pins features five fearsome beings with unique chain and charm elements, and your support can unlock all the Folkgore creatures and a special collector's display from Carly K of Mythic Mgmt.

Join us in celebrating our love of myths and monsters with Folkgore!

The initial set of deluxe hard enamel pins with chain and charm feature a gold tone finish and rubber clutches. With colors reminiscent of woodblock prints, the pins range in size from 1.5"-2" plus the attachments. We are actively working to refine the designs with our manufacturer for the most attractive look for the chain and charm attachments.

  • 🇯🇵 Rokurokubi - the yokai with her long neck and wandering head (2 connected pins)
  • 🇯🇵 Kuchisake Onna - the scissor-wielding onryō revealing her gruesome smile (pin and mask charm) 
  • 🇵🇭 Manananggal - the vampiric torso who takes to the sky hunting for prey (pin and rhinestone charm)
  • 🇵🇭 Sirena - the vicious mermaid luring sailors to their doom (pin and anchor charm)
  • 🇮🇪 Dullahan - the original headless horseman wielding his whip made of human vertebrae (pin and spine charm)

Display your pins in style!

Custom-designed and handcrafted for Folkgore by Carly K of Mythic Management, this unique double-sided display measures 18" tall x 11" wide. Available as an add-on or in the Nightmare Collection, the display features an eerie cloud design in Maple Durawood on one side and Cherry Durawood on the other. A sturdy layer of felt protects your mounted pins.


Our initial funding goal will cover producing the five deluxe pins, but we've designed Folkgore as a fully-fleshed out collection with a total of 10 creature pins and 6 bloody filler pins. With enough support, we'll also produce and print a Folkgore Zine with illustrations that delve into the lore and mythology of each design.

Stretch goal designs for 1.5"-2" standard pins include the famous Yuki Onna and four feathery folkore creatures designed by Carrie Alyson:

  • 🇯🇵 Yuki Onna - the beautiful yokai luring travelers to a cold death 

Help us cover the manufacturing costs for two more Japanese folklore creatures, the solitary magpie of the classic nursery rhyme, and we reach into Carrie Alyson's heritage to bring forth the fearsome night raven.

  • 🇯🇵 Shitakiri Suzume - the tongue-cut sparrow warning the greedy 
  • 🇯🇵 Aosaginohi - the black crowned night heron wreathed in flames 
  • 🇮🇪 Solitary Magpie - one for sorrow... 
  • 🇩🇪 Nachtkrapp - the child-devouring night raven 
  • 🇯🇵 Kotobuki scissors mini pin and a set of Blood Splatter filler pins

Folkgore Zine (digital) - At 10k we'll produce a PDF zine featuring the lore behind each of the myths and legends included in the Folkgore collection, plus a few favorite of Kim and Hazel's favorite superstitions that have persisted in their families. We have a professional writer/editor on deck just waiting for the go ahead on this.

Folkgore Zine (printed) - At 12k we'll get the zine printed (dimensions and page count yet to be determined) and offer it at no cost to all backers of the project.

New Sticker! - There are plenty of creatures we didn't include. At 15k we'll add a brand new sticker to the collection.

New Pin! - If we make it this far, we'll let backers vote to add another pin design to the collection.

Free New Mini Pin! - At 20k we'll add a new mini-pin design to the collection and include it free for all backers.

New pin! The backers have spoken, and they want MORE pins. The ghost of Okiku emerging from the well at Himeji Castle is our 25k unlock.

Another new pin! At 28k we'll unlock the terrifying Banshee of Irish folklore.

Yet another new pin! Reaching 30k will unleash the Baba Yaga's House, prowling through a foggy forest.

The final pin?? Watch your butts! This grumpy kappa and his precious cucumber await us when we hit 33k.

Nope, there's more. New pin! At $35k we'll unlock the Botan Dōrō, the peony lantern from the tale of the ghostly Otsuyu and her lover. This extra deluxe pin is also glow-in-the-dark!

New Pin! You wanted more, so it's a good thing we have more designs! At $38k we'll unlock the Tengu. Backers will choose if we do recessed metal for the Tengu's fan or colorful enamel.

New Pin! The beautiful Kitsune arrives on the scene. At 40k this hinged pin design unlocks. Swing open the seated woman to reveal the nine-tailed fox spirit hidden below.

After our final design, extra stretch goals are only 1k apart, culminating in a double event if we make it to 46k!

Pin Upgrade! Glow-in-the-dark Aosaginohi. At 41k we'll add glow to the black crowned night heron's ghostly blue flames.

Pin Upgrade! Glow-in-the-dark Dullahan. At 42k we'll add glow to the Dullahan's whip and equine skull as he charges through the mist.

Pin Upgrade! Glow-in-the-dark Banshee. At 43k we'll add glow to the Banshee's ghastly features.

Pin Upgrade! Glow-in-the-dark Yuki Onna. At 44k we'll add glow to the ethereal ice maiden and her frosty breath.

Pin Upgrade! Glow-in-the-dark Fatal Fairy Ring. At 45k we'll add glow to the Mushrooms and the unfortunate beast's skull.

Pin Upgrade & new add-on! Glow-in-the-dark Okiku and a Folkgore furoshiki. If we make it to 46k not only with the ghostly Okiku and her plates glow, we'll also release a 22"x22" cotton furoshiki add-on printed with designs from this collection.


Several pledge levels are available with additional pins and rewards available as Add-ons.

Early Bird Specials: Make your pledge in the first 48 hours and save up to 40% with special discount pledge levels! The higher the level, the steeper the discount.

  • One Deluxe Pin of your choice for $20
  • One Standard Pin of your choice for $18
  • Three Deluxe Pins of your choice for $54
  • Three Standard Pins of your choice for $48
  • Deluxe 5-Pin Set for $79 (one of each of the five deluxe designs - rokurokubi, sirena, dullahan, manananggal, kuchisake onna)
  • Standard 5-Pin Set for $69 (one of each of the five standard designs - yuki onna, aosaginohi, magpie, nachtkrapp, shitaikiri suzume + bonus kotobuki scissors)
  • 10-Pin Set for $144 (one of each the five deluxe and five standard designs)
  • Pin & Sticker Bundle for $169 (one of each the five deluxe and five standard designs, plus all stickers in the collection)
  • All-in: The Folkgore Nightmare Collection for $269 - Ultimate collectors edition with all deluxe and standard pins, all accent pins, all stickers, and a special display board. Backers of this tier will receive any new stretch goal designs beyond the original 10 creatures at no additional cost.
  • All-in: The Folkgore Nightmare Collection w/Art Commission for $500 - Go all-in on the ultimate collectors edition plus an artwork commission (sexy, spooky, or both!) from Kim Kuzuri or Carrie Alyson.
  • All-in: The Folkgore Nightmare Collection w/Exquisite Corpse Art Commission for $1000 -  For collectors with real guts, get the Folkgore Nightmare Collection plus Kim and Carrie will combine their powers to create an exquisite corpse illustration based on one word prompts that you provide. This could be a truly horrible idea, but there's only one way to find out.

NOTE: The above prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping costs will be charged AFTER the campaign, closer to the shipping date via the backer survey.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. I'll be sure to send progress updates regularly until rewards are fulfilled.

  • October 31, 2023: Campaign ends, and funds will be received 2-3 weeks after.
  • Mid November: Surveys sent to backers
  • Late November: Production will start with an estimated 4-8 weeks of production time.
  • Late December:  Shipping cost charged to backers
  • Early April: Packaging & shipping begins
  • Mid April to early May: Delivery to backers

Shipping will be charged separately after the campaign ends and closer to the ship date.

Shipping will be via USPS First Class with tracking or USPS Priority Mail insured; costs are subject to change based on USPS rates at the time of shipping. 

Estimated shipping as of the end of September 2023:

  • $6 within the US for 2 deluxe pins or 4 standard pins (or a similar combination), $19 to 25 outside the US
  • $10 to 25 within the US and minimum $32 to Canada for larger orders sent insured via Priority Mail. Priority shipping outside the US is minimum $45

Please see the Pledge Levels and Add-Ons for estimated shipping costs for pin displays as the size of the displays do not allow us to offer flat rate options. If you'd like an estimated shipping cost for the size of your pledge, please contact us. We will do our best to ensure the most cost-effective and accurate shipping costs for all!

For backers outside of the US:

Backers outside of the US, we love you, but international shipping is complicated and unfortunately delivery tracking can be unreliable. We will do everything possible to avoid lost packages, but the reality is that once a package leaves the US, we have no way of tracking it on our end. For that reason, all International packages must be shipped with insurance or at your own risk. We will not be able to replace any international packages shipped without insurance. International backers are responsible for all customs, duty, and VAT charges. 

Due to shipping restrictions and packaging laws, we cannot ship to the following countries: Germany, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan, Bhutan, South Sudan, Yemen, Brunei, Sudan, Laos, Syria. Pledges from backers residing in these countries will be cancelled and refunded unless a shipping address to an alternate country can be provided.

🏳️‍🌈This is a queer and trans-led project.🏳️‍⚧️

Kim Kuzuri is a queer Japanese American artist and writer. They mostly put their illustration and design skills towards their day job or thirsty fanart, but on occasion they follow other artistic pursuits including figure sculpting in both traditional and digital media. Follow Kim on Bluesky ( or Instagram (@KimKuzuri)

Carrie Alyson is a Tacoma-based artist who loves tarot, board games, and hiking with her wife. Earlier this year, Carrie crowdfunded the Frantic Familiars collection, which embodied the magic and mayhem of setting out to be a full-time artist, and more recently the Nocturnal Nouveau collection celebrating mystical animals of the night. For more of Carrie's work, visit or follow them on Patreon ( or Instagram (@aspenhearted)

Hazel is a horror-loving writer and cosplayer whose zine, A Traveler's Guide to Filipino Aswang and Engkato, is the inspiration for this project. He's also been the driving force in the creation of several cookbook fanzines. Follow Hazel on Instagram (@das_hazel).
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