Ahoy, All Aboard!

Want to set sail sooner?

At this pledge level you'll receive all of the NEW Ahoy content, estimated delivery Q1 2025, as well as the Ahoy base game which will ship to you following the completion of this campaign!

Get your sea legs with the Ahoy base game, and be ready for new adventures with the expansion content.

Ahoy, All Aboard! pledge level content includes:

  • The Ahoy base game, delivered immediately following this campaign.

... plus everything from the New Loot level, estimated delivery, Q1 2025.

  • 4 new factions, including:
    • The Blackfish Brigade
    • The Shellfire Rebellion
    • The Leviathan
    • The Coral Cap Pirates
  • Deluxe metal coins to replace the cardboard coins in the Ahoy base game
  • A mini expansion of game content

Ahoy, All Aboard!

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