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about 2 months ago

Project Update: April TTS and PNP Update

Ahoy, Sailors! 

I come with riches from afar; an updated Tabletop Simulator Mod and Print and Play are now available!

The Brigade ready to cause a ruckus!

During Josh’s visit we were able to make great progress on the remaining development concerns and start adding that nice layer of polish. You’ll probably want to re-read the rules before you dive in. (You’ll also notice the rulebook has entered into preliminary layout!)
But here’s a summary of the changes…

Shellfire Rebellion
  • Build requires a 4 or 6
  • Plan Deck Adjustments 
Coral Cap Pirates
  • Captains of Frigates now keep abilities
  • Changed how various Frigates score
  • Adjusted Battle Victories
  • Feast requires a 4 or 6
  • Size is no longer a track
  • Fangs only applies to battles with a head
  • Ambitions have been removed
  • Adjusted how they score at round end
  • Changes to multiple Evolutions
  • Game end scoring for Evolutions is back

If you have an opportunity to play we’d love to hear about your experience, sharing feedback here or in our Discord is always appreciated!

Catch us live on Twitch April 16th at 2pm Central for a live play of the new Ahoy content!

If you want to be included in Ahoy Usability Testing or other future testing, sign up for our Playtesting Newsletter.

Support Questions
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to write to us at [email protected].  

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