Perished Plushies | Extinct Mammal Edition

Perished Plushies | Extinct Mammal Edition

Extinct Mammal Plushies! Large marshmallow white softies perfect for snuggles They're mental Health Mammals made with a unique design that features mental health awareness Mixing usually dark themes with adorable already extinct animals
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Extinct Mammal Plushies!
Huge marshmallow white softies perfect for snuggles!

They're mental Health Mammals made with a unique design that features mental health awareness 

Mixing usually dark themes with adorable already extinct animals



Let's get those awkward formal introductions out of the way, so we can get to the good stuff!
Hey, my names Elliot, also known as Living Biohazard on most sites. I've been creating, and making art as long as I can remember! I've also been buying, collecting, and trading plushies my whole life. However, this is my first time making one for you guys. :) 

Just like many of you I've struggled with mental health my entire life. It's something I was always told to keep quiet, hide, and "Just get over". I believe this shouldn't be the case, that people shouldn't be ashamed to speak up about mental health and our struggles.  These morbidly cute buddies are here to open a dialogue about positive mental health, and always be your emotional support cuddle buddy! 


I started this series as something far less cuddly than the creatures you see now. Art far more morbid, prehistoric animals who seemingly -wanted- to go extinct. 
Those drawings served as a kind of vent art, during some of the worst stages of my depression. I just wished I'd had something at the time to hold, to look as sad as I felt, but still show me everything was gonna be okay, I just had to be strong and get through it. So that's exactly what I've done. Creating plushies that promote a dialogue about mental health. Plushies that know its okay to cry, and will always be there to comfort you with soft embrace. Emotional support mental health mammals! Made extra large for big hugs and sensory touches in mind. 

Each Plush and their story represents something different to different people. They're left un-labeled, ungendered, and open ended, so anyone could see themselves in their little buddy. I had certain conditions of my own I used as a framework when making each one, but, they are broad strokes on a familiar canvas. I don't want to slap a disease on a plushie, forcing a particular static negative representation on a whole group of marginalized people, and mass sell it for profit. I want to tell stories, share experiences of each labels, no disease, no negative connotation. I want to hold up a mirror, and see what's reflected. No shoving people inside of a box, and no profiting from conditions I don't have, and would misrepresent. I want plushies to represent my community, and have people explain why their mammoth or their glyptodon relates to them, instead of forcing a stigma upon them. Let's be open about mental health. Never be afraid to reach out, ask for help, and talk about your human experiences. At the end of the day...we're all human, all beautifully different.



In this campaign I'd like to introduce you to not only the round cuddly Glyptodon, but also, several of their companions. If we exceed our original $1,500 goal, the next new friend will be unlocked! With each stretch goal more and more friends and recolors will become available for adoption! :)  The sweet Glyptodon is already in production, and being made as we speak! The next two friends are currently in prototyping, and should be finished soon.
Please make sure to share, and tell your friends to get all these lonely creatures unlocked, and adopted! 

If these are all reached more mammals and colors will be added accordingly! :)  


Here are some photos of the softies out in the world! Sometimes going out can be difficult for these guys, they're anxious and get dirty easily, but, with you as a friend/parent they'll feel safe enough to venture.
There are so many waiting for a new home!

After a long day of photos, it's time to head home for a much needed nap!


These are the sticker sheets and pins available for you to pick from!

🔪Available Stickers

Sticker Sheets are 5.5" x 8.5" 

🔪Available Pins

Enamel pins are roughly 1.5 inches depending on the mammal

(Please note these are digital representations of what the pin should look like) 


I've always believed in accessibility for everyone. I'm not a fan of over-priced toys, and people who sell out within seconds.
I've always tried to make my work affordable for everyone, with enough stock to spare!

How I keep Costs Low:
There's no B-grade plushies, minor defects just make them even more special! Real animals have scars, birthmarks, wounds, and blemishes. I'm not willing to say something is worth-less just because of a minor difference. (Large damage and differences will be different and taken care of) This applies to my pins and stickers as well.
I do most things by hand,  I have no employees, I'm a tiny business of just me. This keeps cost low, as my labor is free! It's also why so much relies on you though to help support me through this while I work hard for you guys. :)
Cheaper shipping to me, I always pick the cheapest shipping when possible to cut down on costs, even if its more labor or a slightly slower time.
I Cut my profit low, I'm not looking to become a millionaire off the backs of fellow collectors, friends, and others who suffer from mental health like I do. I know many many people on fixed incomes, so I lower my profit, and lower my prices so everyone can afford one. 


Please be aware that shipping will be charged after the campaign has ended and may vary depending on the current shipping rates established by the USPS, UPS, or Fedex. Below is an estimate of shipping costs based on the size of your order so you can be prepared for these fees post-campaign. These are subject to change however based on your location, order size, and current economy. (Just rough educated guestimates for you!)


I just wanted to say one final time, thank you. Thank you to all of you who believed in me enough to support my dream. Who had my story resonate within themselves as well. Just know, I see you, and I appreciate you! To my vocal new friends, to my silent sufferers, you're all amazing, all valid, and I consider you all friends. 


Bottom of the page, time to sweep up the final dust bunnies and display the last cobwebs. So, without further ado let's talk about the last hanging gossamer threads.

What happens if this project isn't funded~ 

Nothing, you wont be charged any money, and plushies will not be made.  If this happens I'd just be wrapping up, consuming buckets of energy drinks, and hitting the chalk board for better ideas.

🔪What happens if a tier isn't unlocked~ 

Then that plushie will not be available for purchase. They won't appear on the drop down list when surveys are sent, and, you'll have to pick a different plushie. If it gets close to unlock, I may bite the bullet and produce them anyway (This of course is subject to digression and what backers want).

🔪When do surveys go out~ 

After the campaign ends the first round goes out immediately! You will be able to change your choice on plushie until after all proto-types are made and posted! (that way you know what you're adoptee looks like)

🔪Are these limited edition~ 

Some are! If this project does well, then, the unique color swaps (Victorian Glyptodon, Stormy Mammoth, etc) will all be limited edition with only a few made, and once they're gone they're gone. Think of it as a backerkit exclusive.
Thanks so much for reading this far

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