BackerKit FAQ

How does BackerKit crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to bring ideas and projects to life. Project creators post their idea for a project, and backers pledge money to make the project possible. Backers get behind the scenes access and backer-only rewards, which can include exclusive products, special pricing, creative input, content, and more.

To become a backer, select a pledge level that features the reward(s) you would like to receive when the project is successfully completed and make your contribution.

All-or-nothing crowdfunding model: The creator sets a funding goal and a deadline to raise funds. If the project does not meet the goal by the deadline, backers credit cards are not charged and no money changes hands.

Crowdfunding projects can happen at various stages of the creative process. Make sure to check the estimated timeline of when rewards will be delivered. Project creators will keep you updated on the progress toward completion and delivery of your rewards.

Backing a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as purchasing an item from a store. When you back a campaign you are supporting the creation of something new. Rewards are almost always delivered, but are not guaranteed.

When will I be charged for my pledge?

Your payment method will not be charged right away. You will be charged for the amount of your pledge when the campaign ends and the project reaches its funding goal. You will not be charged if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.

What happens after the campaign is over?

The Creator will send out a survey that will ask you for more information about your pledge, your shipping information, additional items you may want to add to your pledge, and collect shipping fees if applicable.

The survey will be sent to the email address we have on file with your pledge.

Any additional payment will be charged when you complete your survey and confirm your order.

Project FAQ

How are customs, taxes, and fees handled?

Your taxes and shipping will be calculated once you have filled out your backer survey for shipping. If additional taxes or customs fees are charged upon delivery, please reach out to us at [email protected] so that we can investigate further.

What if my order is damaged or goes missing?

[Damaged/Missing/Incorrect Items] Please inspect your order upon delivery. If an order contains defective or damaged items, or is missing items, you can file a claim at We will accept damaged or missing item claims up to 7 calendar days following the successful delivery of your package. Eligible domestic orders will be entitled to either one replacement shipment or one refund of the damaged item(s). International orders will be entitled to one replacement shipment or one refund of the damaged item(s). International replacement orders may be subject to reshipping fees. Any taxes incurred on replacement orders will be the sole responsibility of the customer. [Lost in Transit] Your order may be considered "Lost in Transit" if: - Your tracking information confirms the order was lost - Your tracking has not been updated for 2 weeks or more. We will accept Lost in Transit claims up to 10 calendar days after the last tracking update. You can file a claim at If the tracking information has marked your order as Delivered, you may not be eligible for a claim. We will determine eligibility on a case by case basis. If your order is deemed lost, you may be eligible for either one replacement shipment or one refund. International replacement orders may be subject to reshipping fees. Any taxes incurred on replacement orders will be the sole responsibility of the customer. [Returned to Sender] Only orders that are marked “Returned to Sender” will be considered as such under these policies. Customers whose products are “Returned to Sender” will be evaluated upon receipt at the warehouse. If deemed eligible, we will offer one reshipment or a refund. Depending on why the order was marked Returned to Sender, the following may apply: - Replacement orders may be subject to reshipping fees - Refunds may have the original shipping cost deducted from the refund

Can I cancel or edit my pledge?

[Cancellations] As per the Backerkit cancellation policy: You can cancel your pledge anytime before a campaign ends with the following steps: - Log into your account on - Click on your profile in the top right corner and then click on "Your Pledges & Surveys." - Click on "view pledge" next to the campaign. - Below your payment info, click on "Cancel pledge," and click "ok" in the pop-up window to confirm. After the project is completed but before fulfillment begins, you may cancel your pledge by contacting us at [email protected]. Once you have completed your Backerkit survey, you may no longer cancel or refund your pledge. [Address Changes] Once you complete your Backerkit survey, you are able to change your address until the time when it is locked. For more information on how to update your address through Backerkit, please click go to: If your address is locked, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to change or adjust your address at that time.

When do I need to complete my survey by?

Please ensure that you are using a valid and active email address, as that is our main method of communicating with our backers. Once addresses are locked, incomplete surveys must be completed within 90 days. We will not be held responsible for orders with incomplete surveys or information after that window. In addition to this, we expect our backers to thoroughly read all project updates for the latest information. If important information is missed by a backer, we cannot make exceptions or allowances for that backer.

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