Since Evan (McMadmissile) has so graciously reassured us that we can add more items in our surveys and via the preorder store, why don't we help him get a better sense of what he'll need to place manufacturing orders for? Please only reply with items you 1,000,000,000% *for sure* will add in surveys/order in the store. Obviously unexpected things can happen at any time to us all, but barring those kind of totally unforeseeable events, what are you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you will add? As for me: * a bat sweatshirt * bug button down shirt * bug friend pin set * Sakura Wolpertinger, Cosmic Beelzebear, and Thorn Heart Wolpertinger (darling Glitter Moon Bat will be my pledge plush 🌙) What are everyone else's *for SURE* survey/preorder add-ons? (Remember what Evan said- don't place yourself in a bind! I'm getting this much in add-ons only because my tax return will finally be sent to me by then, lol)





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