Salty Tinies - Oceanic Mini Pins

Salty Tinies - Oceanic Mini Pins

The fascinating but quite terrifying ocean life made small.
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For those who know of my prior projects, although I am MindytheTurtle, I am more known for bees! ALL THE BEES! However, I have wanted to do an aquatic themed enamel pins since I started creating merchandise. The ocean is one of my favourite places as terrifying as it can be.  But just the various life that live in there are absolutely fascinating! Sadly, I wasn't able to include all the different types of oceanic life, but I hope my selection is vast enough to add to your collection!

Please consider following me on Twitter or Instagram @MindytheTurtle. 


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Thank you Backerkit for inviting me to participate in Pintopia 2! I am extremely grateful to be paired up with Lexidus who has been absolutely amazing. The special that Pintopia 2 is bringing to everyone is if you back both Salty Tinies (this project) and Lexidus' Shroomie Roomies, you will get both pins above free with your pledge!


Additional Designs that have been unlocked:
Designs to be unlocked:
Moray eel design unlocks at $6,600 - UNLOCKED!
Angler fish unlocks at $6,850 - Almost there!!!
An additional design is unlocked at $7,000


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  • US: $5
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Risks and challenges
  • Colours: - Colours may appear different in real life to how they appear on the screens. - It isn't possible to achieve 100% colour accuracy because pantones are mixed individually and by hand. I will work with the manufacturer to ensure that the colours turn out well.
  • Design: - There might be minor changes to the design based on manufacturer's capabilities. This will most likely reflect on the small areas. - There may be potential design changes as the items are being manufactured. Any significant changes will be communicated through updates on Kickstarter.
  • Delivery: - There might be delays in delivery and original estimated production time. I will post any updates I receive from the manufacturer. - I have added a little bit of wiggle room to include delays, but with covid and shipping delays, there is still the potential for the bags to arrive later than anticipated. I will provide updates as I receive them. - Please note, there won't be any returns due to delays in delivery.
  • Chargebacks: - If you ever want to back out of the project AFTER it has been funded, please message me first before filing a chargeback. I will not question why you are backing out and will refund you the payment you have sent. If a chargeback is filed and the name matches the individual filing the chargeback, measures will be taken with future projects.
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