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Project Update: Update: Locking Orders + Pins Ordered + Surveys

Hello everyone!

Just in case anyone missed it, the surveys have been sent out to everyone. If you haven't filled it out, please take the opportunity to do so. For add-ons, I've added the winking seal as a potential unlockable design. Currently, we're 5 orders off from unlocking it! If it doesn't unlock by the time I charge everyone's cards, I will be removing them from the individuals that ordered them. For those that have added on multiple pins after the backerkit and have reached at least 5 detotal pins, excluding any freebie pins, you will be getting a Kui pin. If it isn't listed, please don't worry, I will double check everyone's pledges prior to shipment.

Thank you for all of the support and unlocking 4/5 designs! We've reached a total of 33 different pin designs! This is my largest pin order, and honestly, I can't believe it... I'm going to have even more boxes in my room haha

Other updates! The pins have been ordered with my manufacturer, and I will be locking the orders in a couple of days. The notifications will be sent out soon after this update. Afterwords, when I pay the initial 50% payment for the pins, I will post another update that the cards will be charged in a couple of days for the cost of additional add-ons and shipping.

Thank you again for all of the support! I couldn't have done this without all of you! Also, if anyone has suggestions on future projects they would like to see or aquatic animals, please leave a comment!

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