Welcome to the Cypher System!

Like what you're hearing about the Cypher System and want to give it a try—but not quite ready to dive too deep?

Experience the flexibility, fast pace, narrative focus, and ease of GMing offered by the Cypher System with the Cypher System Starter Set. It has everything you need to get going, including the basic rules, pregenerated characters, and introductory adventures.

You can also take a peek into the full game, because this pledge level—like every pledge level in this campaign—includes the complete Cypher System Rulebook in PDF.

We're confident the Cypher System will soon be your new favorite game. So for a better deal, check out the Cypher Adventurer pledge level, which includes a print version of the Cypher System Rulebook, delivered early!

Image of the Cypher System Starter Set and the Cypher System Rulebook as a free bonus PDF


🧰 Cypher System Starter Set in print
📄 Cypher System Rulebook in PDF

Don't see a pledge level that has exactly what you want? No worries! Pick a pledge level that comes closest without including things you don't want. You'll be able to add additional items in the pledge manager after the campaign closes.

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Welcome to the Cypher System!

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