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You get three copies of the DELUXE EDITION of the Cypher System Rulebook in print. This is the only opportunity to obtain this version; it's not being produced for distribution. You also get three copies of the Cypher System Starter Set, plus two each copies of Rust and Redemption and It's Only Magic in print. And as a bonus, at no additional cost, you get three copies of the Numenera Starter Set in printβ€”a perfect introduction to the Numenera roleplaying game.

We know distribution is a bit snarled these days, and many retailers have told us they've had trouble getting the standard Cypher System Rulebook through conventional distribution. We have a special add-on just for retailers that includes several copies of the CSR at a retail friendly discount.

You will have the option to increase your quantities through the pledge manager after the campaign ends, at the same retail-friendly discount. Other items funded by this campaign will also be available, though non-book items might not come in shelf-ready packaging, and we may not be able to offer them at the same level of discount.

U.S. shipping is free; shipping to overseas retailers is discounted and is charged at the time we fulfill your reward.

Image of the Deluxe Cypher System Rulebook with a tag showing 3 copies, the Cypher System Starter set with a tag showing 3 copies, Rust and Redemption with a tag for 2 copies, and It's Only Magic with a tag for 2 copies. Plus a free bonus copy of the Numenera Starter Set.


🧰🧰🧰 3 x Cypher System Starter Set
πŸ“•πŸ“•πŸ“• 3 x Cypher System Rulebook ✨DELUXE EDITION✨  in print
πŸ“—πŸ“— 2 x Rust and Redemption in print
πŸ“™πŸ“™ 2 x It's Only Magic in print
🎁🎁🎁 3 x Numenera Starter Set

Other reward items may be available to retail backers at a significant discount, and you can add them to your order via the pledge manager after this campaign closes. However, non-book rewards might not come in shelf-ready packaging, and we may not be able to offer them at conventional retail discounts.

Product images for forthcoming titles are mockups and are subject to change.

Retailers Only

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