Tammie Webb Ryan
12 days ago

Project Update: The Wellspring Has Reached Its Full Potential!

Greetings, vislae—

Thanks to you, we’ve hit the milestone of more than 2,177 vislae supporting this campaign. We’ve exceeded the number of backers of the original campaign by a wide margin, and this reprint will be much bigger than the first reprint—huzzah! And it is all thanks to you, vislae, for your support and sharing the news of this campaign with your friends.

We’re excited to make The Wellspring live up to our most expansive vision for it—it’s going to be a supplement equivalent to Book M, The Nightside, and Enchiridion of the Path in terms of its production splendor.

The Wellspring, props and handouts, sticker sheet, and other components will now be delivered to you in an elegant box that will be an asset to your Invisible Sun collection all on its own. It may provide a handy place to organize all of your props—the additional ones you unlocked for this product, the props that come in the Black Cube, plus those of the Prop Set 2 (if it's one of your add-ons). Perhaps it will be perfect for storing your copy of The Guiding Hand and other gaming essentials, so that you are always prepared to journey into the Actuality. We're still working out the final form, but regardless, it will be as beautiful as it is useful.

At this point, there’s nothing else we can promise with confidence that we’ll be able to deliver to you in a reasonable timeframe. We’re working on so many cool things, for all of our game lines, that our schedule is absolutely packed, and we don’t want to compromise any of them to squeeze in another title. This means no more stretch goals for this campaign. You absolutely exceeded our loftiest expectations, and we're astonished, pleased, and grateful that you unlocked so many great stretch goals! 

And, wow, have we learned something about the demand for Invisible Sun! It's as though we ourselves have stepped out of Shadow and into the Actuality, and been amazed at what we discovered. This new understanding will definitely influence our vision for future products. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come!

Thank you so much for your support!
—The Monte Cook Games team





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