Get the legendary Black Cube, as well as a new title we're upgrading through stretch goals: The Wellspring.
Invisible Sun: Return of the Black Cube

Invisible Sun: Return of the Black Cube

The amazing Invisible Sun Black Cube—one of the most astonishing and sought-after RPGs ever—is coming back into print!
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Welcome to a World Beyond Your Imagination. Invisible Sun. The Vancian Order has been known to expel members for looking into forbidden types of magic. That’s why Nive keeps his inquiries into optography a secret. This art, specializing in capturing and preserving the last image a person sees before they die, is frowned upon by the order for reasons no one can quite explain. Nive uses shape-shifting magic to adopt a different identity when he scours the shadier, back-alley spellshops in Fartown for any bit of lore dealing with his obsession. It was in just such a shop that he met Charol, an intelligent pair of spectacles. Charol promises to show Nive all manner of sights the living have never seen, but only after he washes her lenses in the Pallid Sea, the shallow body of water that lies beneath the Pale Sun. Baleschor loves jazz. She plays the piano in a hot new club in the Reinvention District. While the swinging joint is new, her piano is not. Haunted by the ghosts of old songs, the piano often takes center stage all by itself. Baleschor is happy to share the limelight, but resents having to pay composers for brand new songs that the jealous ghosts in the piano eat before anyone can ever hear them played. Feilor sells emotions from her shop in the city of Satyrine. Most patrons browse through the various crystal containers of happiness, contentment, and joy. But Feilor has a special place in her heart (and her shop) for people looking for melancholy, despair, and even anger. “Real aficionados know that you must be able to handle the darker feelings before you can appreciate the rest.” Feilor’s shop, Picque, brings in enough money each month to support her and her aging mother, whose dementia keeps her from remembering she’s actually an immortal being from the realm of the Silver Sun. Invisible Sun is an amazing and visionary tabletop roleplaying game by Monte Cook that introduces a truly unique and original setting, new modes of RPG play, and an unprecedented physical production weighing in at nearly 30lb (14kg). It released in the summer of 2018 and sold out immediately. A second printing in 2019 similarly sold out quickly. This legendary game is now coming back, with a limited reprint of this groundbreaking, but very hard-to-find, piece of RPG history. Stretch Goals: The Wellspring. The Wellspring upgraded to hardcover. The Wellspring becomes a boxed set. The Darkest Art. The Wellspring's full potential!


This campaign funds a reprint of the Invisible Sun Black Cube for the thousands of gamers out there who haven't had a chance to explore this enigmatic gaming artifact (along with the Vislae Kit, a key supplement for players). Plus, we're offering a bundle of existing supplements. If you're new to Invisible Sun, you can get almost everything ever made for the game through this campaign.

But what of those who escaped Shadow long ago, and have already peered into the Actuality? Fear not, vislae: we have an exciting new title for you as well! See The Wellspring, below.

Although the cost of production and freight has increased substantially, we are holding the line on the price of the Black Cube and Vislae Kit. Both retain the price of their 2018 printing.

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Step Into the Actuality
Do you think you live in the real world?
You don’t. This world you see around you is Shadow—a world illuminated only by the Grey Sun. You think it is your home, but that’s because you have forgotten your true self. Awaken, and return to the Actuality and to Satyrine, the city under the Indigo Sun. You are a vislae, a wielder of magic; a shaper of reality; a student of secrets and the real truths that lay hidden within the Actuality. You sought shelter in Shadow to escape the war, but the war is now over and your home has called you back.

A roleplaying game of surreal fantasy
Invisible Sun player characters are vislae—wielders of magical power—recently returned to their true home: the Actuality, a world that seems like a surreal dream to those of us toiling aimlessly in the boring, grey realm you and I falsely believe is the real world. These characters face incredible challenges, visit breathtaking places, and discover secrets so astonishing that the only ones who can cope with them are those who understand the truth that powers the universe: Magic.

Quote: "Brilliant and revolutionary." --LA Review of Books

Magic: A power that can be pursued, studied, and even mastered, but never completely understood or controlled. It is fluid, unpredictable, and ever-nuanced in effect. Its secrets are boundless. But that does not mean it is without rules and methods. There are four orders, major schools of magical thought and training. Vances study their spells carefully, believing they are, in their own way, intelligent in and of themselves. Makers, as the name suggests, use magic to create powerful items. Weavers cast spells with a fluid and improvisational sort of sorcery. Goetics use their magical skills to summon demons, angels, and other creatures to do their bidding. Outside of the four orders, Apostates are vislae who find their own paths and methods for wielding the power of magic, rejecting the hierarchies of the orders.

It is a rare vislae who does not have a house. Your house is as integral to your being as your spells or character stats. The houses of vislae are often haunted, filled with mysterious unknown rooms, bigger on the inside, or possessed of their own intelligence. And in Satyrine, a house is defined as much by what goes on around it as by the contents of its walls (assuming, of course, that a vislae’s house even has walls). Local personalities, sites of interest (or danger), organizations or factions, and ongoing conflicts all affect a vislae’s house and life. And all of this is determined as part of the character creation process.

Bonds, character arcs, echoes of your life in Shadow, a secret Soul, your role within your order, and your relationship to other player characters are all addressed during character creation through a fun, interactive process that engages the entire gaming group. It also leads to PCs with incredibly rich backstories, inner lives, motivations, and relationships—and a vast array of adventuring hooks.

Finally, for Invisible Sun characters, even death is not the end. For in the Actuality, death is simply the realm under the Pale Sun, another world along the Path of Suns.

Quote: "Immensely fascinating." --Forbes

Walk the Path of Suns
When exiled to Shadow, you probably believed there was just one sun—but there are, in fact, eight. Nine, actually—but even many learned people don’t know that, for the ninth is a secret. Invisible. As a vislae, that is one of many secrets you know.

The Path of Suns is a representation of the way magic works, the known levels of existence, the stages of a life, and the makeup of the mortal soul, all in one. It is a symbol. A metaphor. A diagram. A map. Each sun represents a different concept, a different “place,” and a different fundamental aspect of the universe. These different concepts are signified by the color of each sun, so that color ends up representing the sun and its attendant ideals.

The Path of Suns game board.

The suns are also planes of existence—literal places that vislae can visit. Each realm reflects the nature of the sun that illuminates it, and is guarded by wardens and peopled by creatures great and terrible, mysterious and, very often, dangerous. Magical power flows like a rushing river from the Invisible Sun through the other suns. (While the main current follows the Path of Suns, not all do.) Powerful vislae travel the Path of Suns to master these different currents and better hone their spells, but to do so they must parlay with the wardens of the Suns and face the perils within their realms.

Quote: "Invisible Sun offers moments of sublime immersion, where the magic comes alive and you get lost in the unrestrained insanity of the richly imagined universe that Monte Cook Games has presented." --Game Informer

The Path of Suns connects all eight suns: Silver to Green, to Blue, to Indigo, then Grey, next Pale, and Red, and finally Gold. The Invisible Sun is not a part of the path, but rather outside, above, and around it. There are some, however, who follow the Nightside Path, which is the Path of Suns in reverse. In the Nightside Path, each sun has an altered, often darker, aspect. It would be far too simple—and erroneous—to call the Path of Suns “good” and the Nightside path “evil,” but some do.

As a vislae, you might travel the Path of Suns, visiting these realms, parlaying with their wardens, encountering the glories and horrors within, and unlocking their secrets. Or your adventures might never take you beyond the borders of Satyrine, a surreal city rife with intrigue and conflict following the terrors of the recently concluded war.



A New Way to Play RPGs

Conventional RPG gameplay, with everyone gathering for a few hours every week or two, is what makes RPGs a great experience. It’s also one of the greatest obstacles to a successful campaign, for our modern life rarely makes it convenient. Conventional play is the centerpiece of Invisible Sun, but the game also accommodates the realities of our lifestyles, rewards engagement with the game away from the table, and is deliberately made for differing player styles.

Quote: "It's hard to overstate the originality of the setting and tone of the game." --Game Informer

Play doesn’t have to stop when the session is over. Players can keep the game going—individually or in groups—by creating side-scenes that describe high-level actions that their character want to take. They can also create flashback side-scenes that reveal actions their characters have already taken. This also means that even if they can’t make it to the regular session, they can still move their character’s story forward. A side-scene might cover what Shanna’s character does while she’s absent from the regular session, for example.

Players can even play if the GM isn’t available. A side-scene could involve the entire group taking an action that they discuss in person and then communicate later to the GM. The GM resolves the action(s) by giving them a turn of a Sooth Card and then responding to the players’ actions and intentions.

While Invisible Sun is aimed primarily at those of us who love deep, complex characters, there are options for when your cousin shows up from out of town and wants to join in for a session. And whether you’re an out-loud extrovert who’s happy to tell the world about your character, or a quieter player who keeps your character development mostly to yourself, the game is deliberately designed to let you get the most out of it.

Quote: "This is a game where the characters' desires and motivations drive and even create the narrative." --Bell of Lost Souls

You can learn more about the Actuality and Invisible Sun gameplay at these links:

You can also download the free PDF preview of Invisible Sun for a peek inside the gamebooks, the cards, and other aspects of the Black Cube.

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Inside the Black Cube
A literal black cube nearly one foot on a side, Invisible Sun is an unprecedented physical production, filled with massive amounts of content for a unique roleplaying experience. The Black Cube and its contents were upgraded through multiple stretch goals in the original Kickstarter campaign, and all of those upgrades will already be part of your Black Cube. It contains (and this is not an exhaustive list):

An image showing the full contents of the black cube, including:• Four hardcover books totaling over 600 pages of game and setting content. • Roughly 1,000 cards—the equivalent of about 200 pages of book content. (The cards do not duplicate text in the books.) • The Sooth Deck, a beautiful tarot-like deck that’s instrumental to gameplay. • The Path of Suns game board, used with the Sooth Deck. • The Testament of Suns, a resin-cast figure that displays the currently ascendant Sooth Card. • Character tomes (similar in function to character sheets in other RPGs) for all four orders, plus apostates. • A wide variety of tokens for tracking game info. • A set of custom Invisible Sun dice. • Two cloth maps. • A GM’s notebook. • A character grimoire pad. • Five pregenerated characters. • Loads of in-setting handouts and props. • A gorgeous art book.

Invisible Sun is a game about discovery and secrets. There may be other content awaiting your discovery in the Black Cube.

Items Outside the Black Cube
In addition to the physical game itself, every backer getting the Black Cube also gets:

  • Invisible Sun in PDF, including digital versions of all the print components.
  • We Begin at the End, a standalone adventure for Invisible Sun optimized for new players and GMs, in digital format. (If you backed the original 2016 Invisible Sun crowdfunding campaign and already have the Black Cube, you'll get this reward, too, at any pledge level.)
  • The Rules Primer. A short introduction to the rules of Invisible Sun, to prepare you for the game with some of the general concepts. While it's not enough to play, it is enough to start thinking about your character or your campaign.
  • The Digital Rules Reference. This is an easily-searchable text file containing commonly-referenced rules and text.


New! The Wellspring

Caonne carefully set the glass of ubara down on the table and cleared their throat to get the attention of the other members of the order. "My fellows of The Third Hand, I come here tonight to speak to you of the difficulty so many of us have experienced in recent months of calling forth the Black Cube to access its power. Unlike my esteemed colleague Niamblis the Timekeeper, I do not believe our troubles stem from the recent mutterings (arising from a Fartown neighborhood which shall go unnamed) regarding a certain "Darkest House." Instead, I put forth the following postulate: the currents of magic are altering, and their fluctuations are keeping the Black Cube from entering our sun. I have come up with a solution. A minor restructuring of the spell's casting, and the summoned cube and the wonders inside will once again be available to us."

A brief sip of the bubbling, whispering ubara gave the news a chance to settle upon those gathered around them. Caonne smiled, knowing what they had to say next was—at least to some—even more exciting.

"My fellow vislae, indulge me a moment to dwell momentarily upon those aforementioned fluctuations and the ramifications of their existence beyond the Black Cube. With the help of the Interlocking Ones, I have determined the source of the perturbations. It is none other than a phenomenon which has not been experienced since before The War. I refer, my friends, to The Wellspring. As a few of you may know, this wonder of wonders is a source of magic, concepts, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration unlike any we have known in our lifetimes. In other words, a resource of incalculable value to us all. The Wellspring bubbles to the surface of our reality once again, but according to our estimations, it will burst to life only with the assistance of the careful praxis of a few coordinated vislae such as ourselves. Oh, but the rewards we shall reap!"
The Wellspring.

The Wellspring
will be an entirely new product for Invisible Sun, containing a wealth of applications, particularly for those wishing to start a new narrative in the game. Inside, you'll find inspirations and ideas for use in establishing characters in the first session. When the players have all decided their characters' first goal (called the Desideratum) at the end of that session, The Wellspring will offer a number of detailed possible avenues for their story to begin and progress, utilizing locations, NPCs, creatures, and organizations both new and familiar.

Quote: "The rules are stuffed with interesting ideas about the structure of RPG storytelling, such as guidelines for running inter-session side-scenes by text or email--the most interesting of these is the way it approaches narrative arcs" --Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Invisible Sun narratives always take on a life of their own based on the goals and character arcs of the PCs, but The Wellspring will help get things started with many sessions' worth of material to draw from—each with interesting props and handouts to help create the full immersion the game excels at. As a bonus, The Wellspring will also provide a variety of ideas for both GMs and players to foster the surreal nature of the game. If the enormity of the game gets overwhelming at any point, or you've just run out of weird ideas and really need one in the middle of a session, The Wellspring will be there with a quick idea in the form of a strange building, an interesting NPC, a magical effect, or some other surreal wonder.

We will unlock The Wellspring when we reach 656 backers, at which point it will be added to all pledge levels. (We'll also create a pledge level for just The Wellspring, so existing Invisible Sun fans can pledge for it even if they already have all of the other items offered through this campaign.) We hope to see it grow in scale and scope through stretch goals unlocked during this campaign!

Quote: "A very different approach to storytelling... Invisible Sun stands out as a revolutionary advancement among roleplaying Games" --LA Review of Books


The Supplements

Invisible Sun is supported by a line of supplements. You can get the six existing supplements, along with the Black Cube, at the Walk the Path of Suns pledge level. If you already have the Black Cube, add these to your Invisible Sun collection with the Expand Into the Actuality pledge level, which offers a great bundle deal. (Both levels also include The Wellspring.)
Book M: Even its name is a secret. Some say it comes from the Sodality of Vryn, which identifies thirteen currents of magic and gives each a letter designation—M is the 13th and most powerful. Others say the title refers to the original writer of the book, while still others believe it stands for mystery, or—perhaps most simply and obviously—magic. This 120-page hardcover comes with 200 spell, ephemera, and object of power cards—plus a slipcase that holds Book M, Secrets of Silent Streets,Teratology, and The Threshold—or the four corebooks from the Black Cube itself.
The Nightside: Some say the Nightside Path is evil, but that’s a misunderstanding. Or at least an oversimplification. It is dark, that much is certain. Forbidden. Dangerous. So some who call upon this guidebook to the Nightside will undoubtedly be seen as villains—but though its use is risky, it is not inherently without benefit. Accept that risk, you will find new fortes, new patrons, dozens of magical practices, and more in this 192-page volume. It comes in a special warded bag to protect your other books from its dark and unpredictable effects, along with 40 spell cards and 10 vance cards, plus a unique experimental die for use with Nightside magic.
Secrets of Silent Streets: Like any metropolis in any realm, Satyrine isn’t one city but many. Even a vislae can’t know the entirety of it, no matter how many lives they live there. Fartown, the Marquis Quarter, the Strangeglass District, the Hollows, and the vast abandoned stretches—all offer different experiences and moods as well as unique landmarks, resources, denizens, and dangers. Satyrine is something different to every citizen and visitor who explores her streets. Open this 216-page hardcover and explore the seventeen districts of Satyrine, each detailed through dozens of points of interest and illuminated through its own unique atmosphere, social expectations, and traditions. Along the way you’ll find scores of plot hooks, NPCs, creatures, and of course plenty of magic.
Enchiridion of the Path: Wise vislae, have you studied the realms beneath the suns? Have you planned your route along the Path, researched the wonders and dangers you will find, and prepared your parlays with the wardens? Or is your knowledge of the Path of Suns incomplete? This unique volume consists of dozens of documents from across Satyrine and beyond, detailing the secrets of the suns. Taken from old letters, treatises, arcane notes, and the pages of long-lost books, these are the fruits of your research, just waiting for you to harvest them. Each page of this unique book is a removable handout; this tome is a collection of artifacts and game props as well as a sourcebook. Tear it apart. Rip the perforated pages from its unique binding. Take their secrets for your own. And prepare to venture out along the Path of Suns.
Teratology: When asked how many beings live in the Actuality, the famed trailblazer Taramoc Eslin answered with characteristic aplomb: “All of them.” No book could possibly catalog every creature everywhere, but her masterwork is the most comprehensive volume to date; the greatest resource on the creatures of the Actuality ever attempted by any vislae. Not just another bestiary, but the bestiary. The Teratology. Inside this 192-page volume you will find new insights into the realms beneath each sun and hundreds of creatures, spirits, and other entities that inhabit those realms, painstakingly researched and described.
The Threshold: The vislae’s road has many steps. Shadow. Satyrine. The Path of Suns and the worlds of the Actuality. At each step the vislae’s eyes and mind are further opened. But are there even greater mysteries? Further steps? Deeper secrets to reality? Yes. Truly masterful vislae, those at the height of power and understanding, eventually seek the Labyrinth. To enter it is to leave the Actuality forever. Perhaps to die, or worse. Or perhaps to reach a new understanding of reality. To transcend. To answer questions others don’t even know to ask. To find oneself upon new shores. Entering the Labyrinth requires the highest mastery of magical power, knowledge, and skill. Few vislae can truly aspire to it, and even fewer succeed.

The Vislae Kit.  The core Invisible Sun game (the black cube) contains everything a full gaming group needs to play a complete narrative, including all the materials for the players as well as the GM. But sometimes the players want their own stuff. And some of the game elements, like character tomes and grimoires, are consumable, so GMs and players alike may want additional copies. The Vislae Kit is a player companion to the Invisible Sun game, containing all the materials a single player may want. The custom Invisible Sun dice, a Sooth Deck, a grimoire pad, character tomes, tokens, and more come in a very cool box that is practically a collector’s item in its own right. Like the Black Cube, the Vislae Kit is out of print, but this Kickstarter funds a reprint concurrent to the Invisible Sun reprint.
Quote: "Player driven action and story is the heart of Invisible Sun" --Game Informer



Pledge Levels
Quote: "A truly stunning display of physical grandeur." --Tabletop Gaming Magazine



Looking for the supplements? Because inventory is limited, we cannot offer the supplements individually during this campaign. They are available in limited quantities only, and only through the Expand into the Actuality and Walk the Path of Suns pledge levels.

Quote: "The setting is surreal, bringing to mind post World War I decadent Berlin, Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, and the films of Guillermo Del Toro." --Forbes


Here's the expected delivery timeline for this campaign's rewards. We've already done two printings of the Black Cube, so we know the process well. But the world is still experiencing a lot of post-COVID upheaval in supply chains and freight transit, so we've built some slippage into this timeline. We may be able to beat some of these dates, but there's also a chance we may see unanticipated production or shipping delays. We appreciate your flexibility!

Quote: "Invisible Sun is a dense game that rewards in-depth meditation on character, seeking out occult clues in the game text, mastering the game rules and investigating mysteries in the strangest boxed set ever created for any medium" --Forbes

December 2023 (as soon as we close the pledge manager): Existing add-ons, gift-giving card, Phase 1 of existing supplements. Late Spring 2024: The Black Cube, Vislae Kit, Phase 2 of existing supplements. Fall 2024: The Wellspring.



The Incredible Team Behind Invisible Sun. Monte Cook Games has been publishing highly praised, award-winning, innovative RPGs since 2012, including lines such as Numenera and the Cypher System; our family RPG No Thank You, Evil!; the zero-prep Stealing Stories for the Devil; Old Gods of Appalachia; and of course Invisible Sun. We pride ourselves on works that are imaginative, fun, easy to play and GM, and beautiful—and crowdfunding campaigns that, for over a decade now, have consistently delivered big and on time. Legendary TTPRG designer Monte Cook has written or contributed to literally hundreds of products. He was a codesigner of D&D 3rd Edition, and designer of HeroClix, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Ptolus, Arcana Evolved, a number of Planescape products, Numenera, Invisible Sun, The Darkest House, the Cypher System, Stealing Stories for the Devil, Call of Cthulhu d20, Monte Cook’s World of Darkness, a whole bunch of d20 stuff, and—going way back—products for Rolemaster and Champions. He’s also written fiction, comics, and non-fiction, including Your Best Game Ever, a guide for RPG players for making every game session awesome!  MCG's Art Director Bear Weiter has worked in the design and graphics world for over 30 years, doing layout, graphic design, interactive design and development, illustration, animation, video production, and amazing physical productions such as Invisible Sun. He's responsible for the beautiful physical design and high production values of well over 100 Monte Cook Games titles, including an amazing range of Invisible Sun items—coins and medallions, miniatures, dice, resin-cast sculptures, newspaper clippings, cloth maps, wax seals, unusual boxes, and, of course, books and cards in both conventional and unconventional formats. With the help of the many artists he wrangles, he brings Monte's visions to life faithfully and creatively.  Bruce R. Cordell, Shanna Germain, Sean K. Reynolds, and Dominique Dickey round out MCG’s design group. Our mighty team also includes Graphic Designer Javier Beltrán, who makes our products beautiful. Managing Editor Teri Litorco wrangles the words and projects. Kate Evans, Jennifer Walls, Tammie Ryan, and Charles Ryan interact with our fans and customers and keep the business rolling along smoothly. Our team is small, but we deliver big!

Quote: "Where Invisible Sun really shines is in its dedication to changing the nature of gaming." --Geek & Sundry


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Quote: "The amount of content here is staggering... the Black Cube does not disappoint!" --reviewed on

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