Traffic with the Black Cube


My status as a  games retailer enables me to cast a special spell that conjures three copies of the Black Cube (the Invisible Sun game). I also receive one copy of The Wellspring in print.

I will have the option to increase my quantities through the pledge manager after the campaign ends, at the same retail-friendly discount. Other items funded by this campaign will also be available, though some items might not come in shelf-ready packaging, and might not be offered  at the same level of discount.

U.S. shipping is free; shipping to overseas retailers is discounted and is charged at the time we fulfill your reward.

This Level Includes:

⬛⬛⬛ 3 x The Black Cube (the Invisible Sun game) in print
🗝️ The Wellspring in print

Other reward items may be available to retail backers at a significant discount, and you can add them to your order via the pledge manager after this campaign closes. However, some rewards might not come in shelf-ready packaging, and we may not be able to offer them at conventional retail discounts.

Some product images are illustrative mock-ups and are subject to change.

Traffic with the Black Cube

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