Expand into the Actuality

I possess the Black Cube already, but I wish to travel the breadth of the Actuality.

I get the six existing supplements to Invisible Sun: Book M (which includes cards and a handsome slipcase that holds the other similarly-sized supplement books); Enchiridion of the Path (detailing the realms along the Path of Suns, and filled with handouts for my players); The Nightside (with its special die, cards, and a warded bag to protect the rest of my library); Secrets of Silent Streets (detailing Satyrine); Teratology (exploring the creatures of the Actuality); and The Threshold (taking me to even deeper mysteries). I receive each title in print and PDF.

I also get The Wellspring, to help me call my fellow vislae from the Grey and set forth on our narrative. This will initially be a modest product, but will grow throughout this campaign as stretch goals work their magic upon it.

This Level Includes:

πŸ“• Book M in print
🧳 Enchiridion of the Path in print
πŸŒ‘ The Nightside in print
πŸŒƒ Secrets of Silent Streets in print
πŸ•·οΈ Teratology in print
πŸšͺ The Threshold in print
πŸ—οΈ The Wellspring in print

πŸ“² Book M in PDF
πŸ“² Enchiridion of the Path in PDF
πŸ“² The Nightside in PDF
πŸ“² Secrets of Silent Streets in PDF
πŸ“² Teratology in PDF
πŸ“² The Threshold in PDF
πŸ“² The Wellspring in PDF


Don't forget the Vislae Kit!

This companion product contains the materials a single player may want, including Invisible Sun dice, a Sooth Deck, and character tomes, tokens, and other consumable items. It's offered as an add-on so you can include it with any pledge level.

The Vislae Kit

Don't see a pledge level that has exactly what you want? Some items are available as add-ons; pick a pledge level that comes closest without including things you don't want. Because inventory is limited, we cannot offer the supplements individually during this campaign.

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Expand into the Actuality

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